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Make Amazing Backgrounds EASY and FAST | Tips and Tricks for your webcomics

How to make webcomic backgrounds

In this video I help make Amazing Backgrounds EASY and FAST for your webcomics, mostly for webtoon but can be applied for all webcomics in general. I talk about perspective for backgrounds and go through different tools and techniques to help you improve your backgrounds.

The next video coming up I will be diving into drawing characters from different perspectives and how to make drawing them much more easier and faster. If want to see more content like this feel free to subscribe, hit that bell notification, leave a like to let me know that you enjoyed this video and let me know what your thoughts in the comments down below. If you wanna check out my webcomic series the links are down below.


00:00 – intro
00:30 – establish your background and spacing
03:42 – quick duplication and placement tip
07:20 – mapping out a scene basic
16:29 – mapping out a scene in 3D
30:06 – Secret tip for quick stylized backgrounds
34:16 – wanna get fancy with your backgrounds
38:19 – Outro

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  1. I really must try this!! cool video it's very interesting to see how you do your backgrounds

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