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Making webcomics dilemmas – the balance between QUALITY and SPEED

Making webcomics dilemmas – the balance between QUALITY and SPEED //

Sometimes making a webcomic feels like a fight between quality and speed. How do we balance maintaining quality while keeping up a good schedule so we don’t take forever making webcomics?

This video dives into:
– How to make sure you don’t go into necessary details when making your comic pages.
– How to use shortcuts that lets you draw your comic panels faster.
– How to make good use of artist tools like colour, value, atmosphere and texture.

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Programs used: for making my comic I use pen and paper for thumbnails. Clip Studio Paint for layout and balloons. Procreate on my iPad Pro with Apple Pencil for sketching and inking and Photoshop with a Wacom Cintiq for colouring.
But I believe you can make comics in any medium. My workflow is based on being away from my desktop a lot.

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Every step of the comic process outlined in a handy checklist:

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  2. That was very interesting – thank you for sharing! What program are you using in that particular video? Is it procreate?

  3. Hahah "I DREW A FENCE!!!!!!!!!"

  4. This is great! And I love how you actually are correcting and criticising your own pages. Good work!

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