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Making webcomics for beginners (start with this in 2020)

MAKING WEBCOMICS FOR BEGINNERS (start with this in 2020) //

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Maybe you are thinking about making webcomics this year. But how to make a webcomic if you’ve never made one before? Starting a comic can be intimidating.

The digital landscape changes every day, it seems, but making a comic starts with asking yourself these questions and taking the steps in this video.

This will apply to posting on your own hosted website, on comic publishing services Line Webtoon Discover or Tapastic, or on social media. The questions in this video will help you start off right, no matter what format and publishing route you choose.

I’m starting off 2020 with a new direction of my channel: comics only! And it’s why I’m starting with a series on making webcomics for beginners.

I will be posting weekly videos. Topics include: creating comics for beginners, making a webcomic to be read online, starting a comic right, storytelling, drawing and colouring your webcomics, comic tutorials and webcomic tips. So stay tuned and subscribe if you want to get your comics out of your head and into the world!




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    Get my step-by-step checklist on how to create your own comic from scratch in 20 minutes a day: https://pencilsandstories.com/extra

  2. Thanks for this. You're answering all the basic questions I have.

  3. Your dutch jeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  4. Haha, I am literally on panel 6 of my first webcomic ever. It's me and a writer. It's about a magic cop haha. Probably gonna post it on webtoons and other apps like that.

  5. Thanks for the fabulous video, I must come back to it and take notes later 0v0

  6. I start to checking out the Playlist you created for webcomic tips. Thank you beforehand for the hard work. Really loved the tips in this video. 😊

  7. Thank you

  8. This was great. I'm more into having my Patreon and my own site, from then as chapters are finished I'd like to post to Webtoons. I'm taking the route of page format (more like graphic novel style) and chopping it up into mobilecomic/webtoon format. One way I've found helpful has been to drive IG or TikTok fans to the site first and then mention the social media stuff in other space, but not on the website, because I'd like them to stay. I want to give people an incentive to use the Paywall or Patreon to subscribe and keep ahead of the website and webtoon comics. Each updates at diffrent rates.

  9. Great video, thank you for sharing your knowledge. Sub from me. And another question: What happens on your door? What are your post-its/cards doong there? 🙂

  10. Thank you so much for this! 💪 🧡

  11. Thank you! This was a massive help to me and exactly what I was looking for! Was having trouble finding a video that was perfect

  12. Very informative video. You seem really educated in this area.

  13. thanks a lot for sharing this with us!
    I'm about to start to design my webcomic and was a little nervous about how place my panels, this video help me a lot, keep doing that great job!

  14. HI! How long does a page usually take? or how long should it take atleast? Umm… I really want to make comics but, I don't know how and the fact that I always try my best to finish my drawings once i started it already. (i know drawings can be continued the next day but feels like i always lose my focus then just leave it out so i try to finish it the same day) aany help? Oh, also, do you have anyyyyyy videos about how to plan for comics etc.

  15. good video, i starting making a webcomic. very helpful.

  16. Happy new year and say hello to corana virus

  17. Is there a certain button to begin a webcomic. All these videos are really just telling me tips.

  18. Great work, sistaaaahhhhh! 😀

  19. I find your video very thoughtful and insightful. Sharing your experience and your knowledge with webcomics is informative and inspirational. Thank you! Watched in full, liked and subscribed! Marcus

  20. That was great! I have a project I am starting and I was only thinking about designing for print. But now I am reThinking. Lol

  21. What an awesome niche!!! Love this <3 I am a new subscriber!

  22. Love! Great job, Henrike, can't wait to see more! ^^

  23. It’s great to get this specific with your channel because then you can provide such SPECIFIC value to your subscribers!

  24. I have not ever thought of being a webcomic. I love what you do and that you were able to niche down.

  25. This video is so great! I ended up restarting the video a couple of times so I could take notes. So much valuable information here!

  26. This was a great episode! You make some great points, especially about print and platform considerations. Congratulations on focusing your channel!

  27. Hi Henrike! Happy 2020 to you! I plan to post some comics online this year 😀 I'm thinking several short comics (around 4 to 16 pages stories), just to get familiar with the process of making comics.
    I thought about posting on Tapas for starters, plus a personal website gathering all the comics (I always loved Emily Carroll's website but watch out if you're not familiar with her work, it's mostly horror). I am also working on a longer webcomic project, but taking my time to improve the story before I jump in drawing it all.
    I plan to draw ready-for-print comic pages in all those projects, because I find that format so damn beautiful, but I'm also interested in doing swipe comics on Instagram (4 to 5 panels, horror themed maybe?). I have yet to find story ideas for those, though.
    I like Twitter but it's never felt very comic friendly to me, especially when you need to make it a thread, reading those is sorta awkward! I'd like to have a Patreon at some point but like you pointed out, I feel I should first get some work out there and start building an audience. Keeping a patreon dedicated to one long webcomic project would also make more sense to me! Webtoon is a maybe, they're good for audience but not so great for monetization. I read some webcomics from Hiveworks and would love to apply there with long-comic project whenever I'm ready.
    A very recent, French option (but they accept foreign languages) is Bayday(dot)com. I don't know how well they'll be doing but the promises of the platform are interesting, you should check it out. I'm not ready to start publishing there though, which is a shame considering it may be easier to make yourself seen on a starting platform?
    Aside from deciding where to post, I'd also be interested in tips on how to decide your own deadlines and staying true to your schedule – or reassess if you messed up. It may be personal and different for everyone, but even so I feel such a video would be reassuring and encouraging.
    Thanks for the great tips, looking forward to your next videos 😀

  28. Do you want to start a webcomic in 2020? Where do you want to post?
    Let me know what your plans are below so I can cheer you on!
    Also check out the many free resources I have on my website, the link is in the description!

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