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Making Webcomics using Animation

I will show you the methods I’ve learned through my years of animation and how I implement them into making my webcomics ( Webtoon and Tapas ).

I also go through the many things that I’ve learned in these few month of me creating my webcomics on webtoon as well as my always useful quick tips to make things easier for you in your webcomic making journey.

00:00 – intro
00:37 – My Animation background
02:50 – Assets needed
03:43 – Scheduling and breaks (quick tip)
05:47 – Making Assets
07:44 – preparing reusable panels (quick tip)
12:45 – Planning and storyboarding
15:30 – Deadlines and scheduling
18:29 – Know your limits
21:25 – Working on Multiple webcomics (quick tip)
and outro

Webtoon :
Tapas :

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The Chainsawmaniac

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  1. Some very insightful tips :0 I was thinking of doing the “take a break every x episodes” approach but I wasn’t sure if that was a good idea and this helped a whole lot !

  2. Good job man! I really commend your work and I hope I can borrow some energy 🤣🤣💯💯

  3. Yooo this vid motivated me bro😭🔥I was abt to take a small break but Imma keep drawing lol. Also great tips man!

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