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Marscaleb's Top Ten Favorite Webcomics 2011

This is my list of the ten comics I would consider my most favorite.
Please note that I did NOT list these in order of which are my most favorite, but I listed them in the order that I started reading them.

And here’s some links to the comics in the list, as well as other comics that are predominantly mentioned:

Sluggy Freelance
Van Von Hunter
Beaver and Steve
Slightly Damned (first strip) (main page)
The Adventures of Dr. McNinja
Brawl in the Family
Awkward Zombie
Bob and George
Cwen’s Quest
Culture Shock
Grrl Power
The Book of Biff
Order of the Stick
Darths and Droids

0:00 Intro
2:50 Sluggy Freelance
6:20 Van Von Hunter
12:00 Beaver and Steve
15:25 Slightly Damned
20:10 The Adventures of Dr. McNinja
24:27 Brawl in the Family
29:30 Cwen’s Quest
33:20 Culture Shock
36:15 Concerned: The Half-Life and Death of Gordon Frohman
40:56 Grrl Power
43:51 Concluding Remarks

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28 Bình luận

  1. Ive been looking for years! Glad to see its still up

  2. I've made a webcomic called At Work With Captain Cabbagehead. It can be found at www.razorsharpgames.com.

  3. awesome video

  4. homestuck

  5. I don't like videos much, but this one was good, my only problem with it was that it seemed overly long. But that is just me, I watched it to the end regardless.

  6. I was wondering if I could get a recommendation.
    I want something to fill my comic book shelves, so I'm looking to webcomics that have been printed into books.
    I'd like it if the webcomic is completed, and every collective volume has been released. I don't wanna have to worry if the collection will ever be completed. :~P

  7. I hope it is on the 15 or so you also wished to include, but if it is not there, go check out Atland before it is taken down. It is a fantasy comic (High adventure, low brow humor is its tagline) done by Nate Piekos, the Blambot guy. The first big story, or season as Nate called it, was finished, and technically the second one also, although it feels kinda rushed, he was obviously wanting to move on to something else. Unfortuntely the behind the page commentary and forums have been taken down already but the comic itself is still up there to read.

  8. are you going to do an top ten favorite webcomics 2014?

  9. Homestuck cause it reached #1 most fanfiction in comics on Fan fiction .net

  10. Found your video by way of a link on Grrl Power, which I found by way of TMI. Good stuff. A few of your favorites don't appeal to me at all (looking at you Beaver and Steve), but you mentioned several that I am eager to get going on. Also, thanks to you, I've decided to give Slightly Damned another chance, I stopped about 60 pages in for some reason.

  11. i must revise my earlier statement. ive checked out some of these stories, and they are really good, so im sorry about my earlier, grouchy comment. some of these are really awesome! 🙂 thx man

  12. well i guess i partualy wasted some of my life hoping he would list one of my favorite web comics on his list. -cough, cough Spinnerette, cough cough- still a good list though, ill have to check some of these comics out 🙂 thx man

  13. Me too I loooove spinnerette I am male but its not what you think I think its a really cool comic

  14. For you guys who want to start reading webcomics you should use the rocketcomic app

  15. Just wanted to say that I'm bookmarking this page so I can look at all of these webcomics when I get the time, as these all look really good.

    PS: I'm slightly sad that Spinnerette is not in the top ten list. It's pretty funny when it wants to be. The Nazi vs Confederate storyline had me in fits.

  16. A good list, and a few I might have to add (damn you!) to my list of comics. I'd like to mention "The Mansion of E", which has been going every day since July 2003, and is currently midway through the possibly third day. It has a huge cast of weird and wonderful creatures, and is absolutely mesmerising(I refuse to spell that with a z, so shut up autospell).

  17. @Hickabooboo
    I loved reading Drowtales back in the day. I put it on hold at some point because I felt that it was adversely influencing a fantasy I novel I'm writing, and I wanted to keep that as my own story and world. I intend to go back and catch up on it some day; it's sitting near the top of one of my lists.

  18. What's your thoughts on Drowtales? I mean, it's a long-lasting one, and very serious. Artwork is awesome , too.

  19. @GoldenMan1002
    Honestly I don't usually go out "looking for them."
    80% of the time I find them by clicking ads that interest me and reading a little bit to see if I enjoy it.
    15% of the time a comic I read posts a link to another comic.
    After that, sometimes I see a strip posted somewhere and I follow it up to find the comic it came from, and occasionally people have made suggestions to me personally.

  20. When looking for new good webcomics, where do you usaully go to look?

  21. @GoldenMan1002
    Not a Villain is one I read regularly.
    I started Two Kinds but I never finished it; it's somewhere in my list of comics I need to finish.

  22. Thxs for the vid i've read some already and am going to read some new ones thxs to you. Have u read TwoKinds yet? the story plot line is excellent, I just wish the comic got updated sooner.
    Same with Not A Villian the drawing is kind of crappy but the premis and story more than make up for it.

  23. @joel6113
    I do read El Goonish Shive. I just didn't think it was good enough for my top ten. I did include a sample of it at 23:33 when I was talking about the stories people use between jokes.

  24. I never intended to watch this all the way though. But I did. Well done.

  25. Continuing from my last comment, others include El Goonish Shive , Misfile, and Questionable Content. (Questionable Content is surprisingly work safe.)

    Emergency Exit is a comic I used to read a lot, and it was one of my favorites. It went on hiatus, though, and I have been too busy too read what I missed.

    Wapsi Square is great, and the comments on it tend to get quite punny.

    I'm probably forgetting some, but you said your to-do list was long already, and you may have read some anyway.

  26. I like the webcomic "Dominic Deegan" quite a lot, it has a pretty good story and is quite punny.(Not a typo.)

    Someone also mentioned "8-bit Theater", which I want to reread now that I have forgotten a lot of the jokes. (I wait a while before re-reading humor-based comics.) You have replied to him, so I obviously know the big reason it isn't here – you haven't read it. Of course, you may not like it, so it may not have made it anyway.

    Others include – WHY! WHY IS THERE A 500 CHARACTER LIMIT! W-

  27. the only comics that I can think of off the top of my head that i would put near the top of my list would be Cerintha, Wigu and Boxer Hockey. All 3 have made me laugh out loud, and Cerintha has a fantasic story line and action scenes to boot.

  28. @Marscaleb I liked your video, and the comics you mentioned are all pretty cool sounding (I've only been reading a couple of them). I would like to recommend to you one more comic to read: Homestuck, or MSPaint Adventures. Just to tell you, Homestuck does start off going slow the first act or two, but quickly picks up and becomes epic. I would suggest reading Problem sleuth/Jailbreak first as they set up in-jokes.

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