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Marvel and DC Comics Bet on WEBCOMICS to Stay Relevant?!

How the turn tables. Webcomics are going mainstream. Marvel and DC seem to be betting on webcomics and digital comics to reach the kids these days. Marvel Unlimited has relaunched with a focus on infinite scroll digital comics, and DC Comics is going to WEBTOON. But it wasn’t that long ago that professionals working for the Big Two threw all kinds of shade at “amateurs” working on webcomics.

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32 Bình luận

  1. It wasn't that long ago that the industry derided webcomics as "amateur hour." They also called crowdfunding "e-begging."

  2. I know I lost all faith when they made Superman powerless to Raven.


    Shit writing is shit.

  3. I mean, it could work.

  4. The problem is the quality of comics. Distribution is an issue in my opinion, mainly accessibility, but if the quality is still poo then it won’t matter how they deliver comics. They’ll still fail.

  5. Like when MSM invaded youtube

  6. They just want to puke out their agenda trash on webcomics nows.

  7. Why is Robin black?

  8. Where are these web comics located? I really don’t know.

  9. I don't hate on webtoon, I just can't do scroll style it annoys me after while of reading but you do you.

  10. I read the webtoon and it's bad

  11. Pay for a subscription to digital comics? Absolutely not. Not for any reason. No.

  12. But how my webcomic, Secret Report is going to survive if Marvel and DC gets involved?

  13. They are colossal morons. But webtoob is cool, just not theirs.

  14. Look at this mainstream comics. They're trying to get in to Anime and Manga by going through Webtoons. They're desperate, sooner or later they will insert their western ideologies on it. I can feel it.

  15. I've been reading webtoon for years and honestly it has helped me get through high school. Anytime I had to keep a log of my reading I either read manga or webtoons. And before that I used wattpad while I was a young teen ( I didn't have a father in my life to help me through young adolescents so I just read anything and everything erotic or involved romance and went off that, because of that I've kinda developed a preference for romance. It got to the point where my friends just called me the hopeless romantic).

  16. I bought four comics recently.

  17. A ha ha ha! To name just one, John Allison (Bad Machinery) has been doing webcomics for 20+ years to great success. But I guess the big two are a couple of decades behind.

  18. As I said before, comic books may have been a phenomena of the baby boomer generation.
    I am a tail end baby bomber.

  19. Mainstream comic companies are paying for their arrogance. Serves them right.

  20. As if we’ll touch their web comics they can try to push but we already know where the future of entertainment lies

  21. Doesn't matter where and how they get there stuff out there. It still wont make it good or worth reading.

  22. Imagine thinking that shit will surpass Solo Leveling 🤣👏👏👏

  23. Why won’t DC make their digital app international?

  24. Does anyone have an AOL ONLINE diskette I can borrow..? I want to get in on this!

  25. In Europe we have the BD, or graphic novel culture. Next to Manga, classics like TinTin, Asterix or Lucky Luke which amuse generations, and hardcover artisans done by Belgian, French or Spanish artists who produce one issue all 3, 4 years. And many small niche-products for special interests. US superhero stuff hardly happens here outside international bookshops at train stations.

  26. So daimian had a tanning arc with out us knowing.

  27. When my barely updating webcomic might possibly have more views than friggin Marvel and DC. What a huge fuckup.

  28. I just left. I really don't care if it's good or not, after rebirth DC is getting exactly zero of my money.

  29. I am shocked that Marvel left out diversity and inclusion in the article. Have they figured out that words like that drive people with money away?

  30. …….

  31. They should just upload their whole library. Just scan in the pages.. starting from the beginning.

  32. Whats kind of funny is how Damian has been given his dads white skin tone several times, ignoring his moms dark skin tone.
    But do the opposite and peoples minds are blown.

    Damians skin tone being light brown (halfway between his mom and dads) seems to be the best approach though.

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