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Marvel Knights Animation – Black Panther – Episode 1

At a White House briefing, a history of the African nation of Wakanda is given. Highlighted are an early story of an attack by another warrior tribe, Captain America’s mission against invading Nazis and his subsequent battle with Black Panther, and the Battle for the Crown where T’Challa becomes the new Black Panther.

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37 Bình luận

  1. Der…..white man bad!!!!!!

  2. What is the age rating for this? I can't seem to find it on google. And marvel for Christ's sake put the age rating in the description. I just showed this to my very young so. And right in the beginning there's blood

  3. I wondered why is it when a country has no ties to the united states or in this case nobody its seen as a threat especially when the country is run by technologically Africans. This throws the idea of Africans as savages out the door. Then the later still till this day idea of anyone who doesn't praise Christianity is morally wrong and sinning has always been crazy to me. Wakanda praise a panther God and have enjoyed fruitfulness for generations how ever thousands have died who didn't want to be Christian and civilizations have been destroyed who held their own beliefs high it looks the ones who were morally currupt we're christian invaders who believe themselves always right and other religions wrong

  4. Black panthers are not allowed inside city limits.

  5. These new ppl in here using Chadwick’s name for likes.

  6. Pay My Aunt…Before I catch up with my Dad

  7. 11:10 "Do you know who I am?!"
    Uh, yeah…Stan Lee in an Army suit! 😂😂

  8. When can I watch all episodes

  9. Came back to this just for the opening

  10. It's so hard to watch Captain America I keep imagining Logan

  11. And just think that starks father did captain America sheld

  12. They had nooo chance

  13. the accent for black panther is perfect!!!!!!!

  14. “I only said that about the Wakandans” bro I would called in sick 😷

  15. Rosa will… Morning Americans

  16. Who doesn't like panther, it reveal African culture

  17. MCU is more child friendly than this.

  18. One of the US government leaders is voiced by Stan Lee.

  19. We need more marvel shows like this

  20. They need to make some more of this frfr 🔥

  21. My favorite version of Black Panther hands down! Best comic series! Reginald Hudlin understood the assignment!

    And for those who are questioning Caps portrayal in this…understand that this is black panther’s/Wakanda’s POV of America….and this is pretty accurate to how Cap would look and be to rest of the world 🤷🏿‍♂️


  23. This music is sounds like fanfare

  24. Captain america and iron man

  25. "Amandala" LOL

  26. Wakanda forever, I really love that show I wish someday john romita jr might put his work on animation so we could have awesome bloody and gorey TV shows like hit monkey

  27. In what universe was Logan, Captain America? …..and the general sounds like Stan Lee

  28. Yeah… when reading the comic this was based on Captain America came off as naively American-centric (who has never questioned his country's sometimes fallible leaders), but who, as an individual, swiftly learns to respect Black Panther and his "America's-goals-aren't-necessarily-Wakanda's" worldview. It is implied this early mission is how Steve started down his path of trying to embody the American Dream rather than the political goals of whoever happens to be in charge in America that year. He wasn't a total douchebag doing a bad Wolverine impression.

    OTOH… same writer did both, so… I guess Hudlin felt the animated version was true to what he intended in the book. (Or he tailored his characterization for the BET audience, which I'd vote for as pandering and poor artcraft.)

  29. Respect this Black Panther cartoon for how faithful of an adaption it was on the Black Panther from the comics.
    Honesty this show along with other tv series was a massive part of my childhood and it's what made me love the MCU's rendition of Black Panther even more as this show helped me to understand the story arc behind Black Panther hence thorough it I understood the MCU Black Panther better.
    The intro to the show is rad as hell.
    This episode was one of my favourites not only for the Captain America fight, Stan Lee's cameo and Black Panther's kickass introduction but also for the opening segment which I think was one of the best out of any cartoon tv series especially towards the end where you hear this meancing voice say "Tell your tribe.Tell everyone." to the last survivor of his tribe. Still gives me the shivers.
    All in all this was a brilliant show with incredible acting, story, characters and animation.

  30. "Stay cool" in 5th century Africa. HA>

  31. Did the ending to this seem like it was stolen from Pokemon? No? Then rewatch the Genescect Movie.

  32. Amandala

  33. Panther beats captain america please 😹😹😹😹😹😹

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