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Mirror Conf 2018 | Jessica Jordan – Crafting Web Comics with Ember

Software Engineer at simplabs
Jessica Jordan is a member of the Ember Learning Core team and a software engineer working at simplabs. She is an editor at The Ember Times and organizes the Ember Berlin meetup. She is a big fan of CSS, art and comics.

Crafting Web Comics with Ember
Although nowadays many tools and Web APIs to create rich and interesting art experiences on the web already exist, many developers rarely have a chance to make themselves familiar with these tools during their regular day job. In this regard this talk aims to give an overview of some of the methods that can be used to create comic art like experiences on the web and highlight interesting features of these APIs in a tangible way.

This talk will include an introduction into the development timeline of the traditional analogue medium of comics to the modern, digital web comic. We will see how many web comics today still leverage a traditional approach of publishing their art online by using simple, still images of comic illustrations. In contrast to that we will also take a look at some more recent examples which experiment with Web APIs for a more integrated and interactive experiences.

Up next, we will take a quick look at commonly used Web APIs for creating animated, interactive web content, including the CSS3 spec for animations and the Web Animations API. We’ll highlight how they can be leveraged, and polyfilled and how we can find graceful fallbacks for users of less up-to-date browsers. We’ll take a look at a couple of performance concerns, which patterns to avoid to keep performance high and how we can make sure to use any of the mentioned technologies in the most efficient manner.

Third, we’ll take a look at an online comic book demo built with Ember.js which highlights a multi-page web experience. We’ll see how routing can help us to access application state through distinct routes and how we can leverage the router to ease-in and ease-out of routes to create an UI experience that resembles “page skimming”. We’ll take a look on how we can create reusable components to present our illustrative content in our application easily and how we integrate user interaction to make the comic book an intriguing experience.

Finally, we will take a look into the future of web comics and discuss which tools might benefit future web comic artists the most. This will raise the subject on how we can make the APIs, frameworks and libraries that we are using to create web comics today even more approachable and accessible for tomorrow.

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Mirror Conf

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