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Moon Knight: Oscar Isaac Loves MCU Disconnection

Where does Moon Knight fit into the MCU? The new Disney Plus show will feel fairly disconnected from the rest of the MCU – and it’s that separation from the wider mythology that drew in Moon Knight stars Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke. In this video they also discuss the Moon Knight comics and why they like Marvel’s Iron Man movie so much.

Moon Knight streams weekly on Wednesdays on Disney+.

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40 Bình luận

  1. Disconnection from the MCU is what every marvel character needs, it's what Spiderman Homecoming needed

  2. Just after watching the first episode im excited where to see this series is going, it aint daredevil but it’s sure as hell looking a whole lot better than the other mcu shows

  3. Just watched it first episode is very cool. And this show version of the suit it INCREDIBLE

  4. 💓💓💓

  5. okay but isn't every new mcu movie/show that is introducing a new character like this? their first outing is almost always standalone.

  6. he had to get that star wars taste out of his mouth.

  7. Really want Marvel to go all out and use all their characters, powers, and costumes.

  8. Marvel latest films, shows are terrible, but this however is fantastic.

  9. That's exactly what comic book movies should be.
    An amalgamation of all the source material.

  10. They're explaining why can no longer stomach Batman or Joker.

  11. Just because anything is made by marvel studios doesn’t mean it’s not in the MCU

  12. One of the best parts of it so far.

  13. Lex luthor in Moon knight???😂

  14. Disconnection from MCU was the thing that excited me for Moon Knight

  15. This show definitely can have more than season.

  16. Loved the first episode. Impressed by their enthusiasm. Edit: also Ethan why mentioning Lex Luthor in a Marvel series? 🙂 (Fan of his works since Explorers).

  17. This show is garbage

  18. One of the best actor of the last decade with one of the best actor of the last two decades!

  19. All the action aside. Oscar isaac really nails the multiple persona

  20. 😇😇😇😇

  21. 👍💯

  22. As long as the title of the show or movie has the word, "Marvel Studios," it automatically means it's canon in the mcu.

  23. So far looking like it'll be the best MCU show. They're totally right about everything they're saying. Already it's feeling like it's own thing instead of something that only exists to serve some grander MCU story.

  24. Strongest first episode of any Marvel show. Loved the vibe. The locations were great. Oscars acting is amazing as usual.

  25. Episode 1 was superb. Hopefully it maintains that consistency

  26. Well at least, this show can be its own thing without feeling the need to relate itself to the MCU in a strong way.

  27. Watched the first episode. Oscar kills it. It's so freaky the way they switch.

  28. this man has made me forget he isnt british

  29. Moon Knight is fresh and funny as hell, can't wait for the rest of the season!

  30. Watched the first episode. Oscar kills it. It's so freaky the way they switch.

  31. It's better than forced references like in Eternals.

  32. How woke can he go?

  33. Respect to Ethan hawk for saying black panther too

  34. Kinda funny that after so many years of every MCU thing needing to be related to everything else it's now novel for a show to try to just stand on its own

  35. it's still in the MCU though right ? I'm pretty sure we Don't want a DC continuity issue situation here….

  36. It shouldn't be standalone if they're eventually gonna bring them all together. Nobody ever talked about moon knight anyway till this show came out

  37. So will we see moon knight in the MCU?

  38. Looks sooo much better than the terrible Morbius movie 👎

  39. Ironic who is speaking of a Bruce Wayne clone

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