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My 5 Top Places to Publish Your Webtoon || 2020 Edition

Here are my top 5 Sites where you can publish your Webtoon for Free:

I haven’t really searched for webcomic hosting sites probably since back in 2010-2012, since I found 2 of my favorites I’ve stuck with them but this caused me to be a bit out of the loop. Luckily this is something a little research online can fix! So here are my top 5 favorite places where you can publish your webtoon! (For free!)

Medibang (ARTstreet): I like how Medibang paint not only has their own free art app/program but they also offer a number of amazing services for aspiring comic artist to utilize.
Webtoon: One of the specific things that I enjoy about LINE webtoon is how they also market they’re Aspiring Webtoon artist in their Canva section.
Tapas: This is also another webtoon website where I post my own webcomics on. I like how easy it is to publish my webcomic and how friendly and welcoming the community is!

PopComics: This webcomic website was a pleasant surprise because I’ve never heard of it before! It’s a free-to-read, ad-supported mobile platform for comics and manga that’s open to absolutely everyone!

Honorable mention:

I just found this website and I just had to include this on the list as well!

Graphite Comics: is the free, streaming comics service built by readers and creators, for readers and creators.

Older Honorable Mentions:

Even though these sites may be a bit dated I still wanted to mention them because they have been around for a long time and helped me along with some many other aspiring comic artist share our comics for free online!

Smackjeeves: One of the oldest free webcomic hosting platforms online. Recently they’ve gone through a few changes and they have updated their website so I’m excited to see what the future holds for them!

Comic Fury: Now this site again is a bit dated but they are also a free platform for you to publish your webcomic online.

The Duck Webcomics: Along side SmackJeeves they are also one of the oldest webcomic hosting sites. They also look a bit dated like Comic Fury but it’ still a nice site that I’ve used in the past to post my webcomic online with.

Also I have an ebook for any beginner webtoon comic artist that want to learn how to start a webtoon of their own but don’t know where to start. My ebook will cover all of my advice on what tools, hardware, software and traditional tools that webtoon artist use to start their webtoon~
You can download it directly from S-Morishita Studio Gumroad:

Or you can read all of my tips on making a webtoon comic for free on:

You can read my Blasian webtoon at my website:


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  1. for me line webtoon is the best but sadly it doesn't allow horror and blood

  2. I just want to find a place where I can show my work and compete with action and violence comics, but 99% of the apps i find are filled with romance and gay stuff. ( No offense and I have against it )

  3. How to publish tho…?

  4. just found this channel today and i love it!!! Very nice video, i liked how you also put what the websites were in the description so i could follow along. I would really love to see a video about how to make and maintain your own comic website!!! You said in this video that could be something to talk about and I see you haven't uploaded anything on it yet. I hope you're still planning to, cause I'm a webcomic artist too and I'm sort of lost on how to start lmao! Anyway, nice voice, nice video, hope you keep doing the youtube thing. ^^

  5. I would be really interested in a video about making your own comic website! I'm so in the weeds with tech stuff. Also your videos are really great and helpful!! I'm glad i found you! You need at least a million more subscribers.

  6. quick question, do one of these platforms allow any action violence? I created a story that contains one, but its not too detailing. I don't want to accidentally trip on one of the rules that may violate against it. Thank you for reading, and sharing the knowledge of platforms aside of Webtoons!

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