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sorry not sorry for being lazy with making videos im living the life eating pot roast and beating my boyfriend in air hockey, now i gotta make the gmod video yeet

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Postal 2 – Map Muzak

Village Consort

Romantic Piano by Cinefass

Ocean Waves Beach(Sound Effects)- SFX Producer

Journal by Gravity Sound

The Moment by Hamthan Jess

For cats you’re away by Peace Time

Dawn · A Million in Vermillion and Isabella LeVan:

Rebecca sugar – singles song

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Kitty Krol

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  1. Hey quite stealing from me

  2. New video when

  3. Good for you for enjoying something

  4. When postal 4 ?

  5. the description is wrong we all know you don’t have a bf

  6. babe i'll read more of that scifi web comic i promise please don't beat me into a coma anyway great video as always Ms Krol i'll catch you on the flip side <3<3<3<3<3<3 XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO
    anyway down to my real criticism of the video. too short. needs more of your voice and that joke in the middle really killed my confidence and i'm also thinking about suicide. you know i would jump in front of a train for you and i'm going to do that right now regardless of whether or not that gives me agency over your fate.

    Get Schooled looks cool. I'll read it after I'm done 'In The Bleak Midwinter'. Then maybe you can stop gangstalking me with your discord goons and I'll be able to get some sleep. Yeah. I'd like that.

  7. lol, the postal girl does other things apart from playing postal, the world is full of surprises

  8. Book #1: Not my cup of tea, unless the guy works as a meta knight amiibo I'm not batting an eye.
    Book#2: Bruh incarnate.
    Book#3: I have no idea, interested a bit butuh I didn't feel too reeled in. I hope the story gets real personal and has social morals along the way.
    Book#4: ok you're right the art is actually really interesting but the concept is quite too wacky for me. Miight find a fan for it though, a friend of mine likes this kind of stuff!
    Book#5: Obscure videogame titleish name aside, I may actually reaaad this one. It seems like I'll sympathise with this story at one point or another in my life because of its trope of being double crossed or been treated downright nasty by people.
    Book#6: Loved the concept aaand dissapointed with it at the same time. Because I never liked the "synonymous with incompetence" tropes for institutions having to rely on vigilantes or a handful of individuals to take care of an issue, I hate and at the same time chuckle at the concept of a grown man going hotline miami in your local Denver public school. I feel attached to the idea yet so, because I've felt like that was needed atleast once in my life in the many MANY school institutions I've gone to in my life across the globe because holy shit KIDS CAN BE CRUEL, JACK. Talking about this is making me split in two I can feel it.
    Book#7: Pleasent artstyle, first impressions are alright, I hope it's really slice of lifey cause I love talking about the universality and particularity of mundane life.

    Anyways, agreeing or disagreeing, it's nice to see people talk about these kinds of passions! I'm stern at first and quick to turning my head but still, once I got around to listening it was a pleasant watch. I think I might just rejoin.

    Also, maybe you're not much into pdf reading but please give blackshirts and reds a try. I'd be personally really glad 🙂

  9. What a epic new video from Krol

  10. Personally I like horror and superhero webtoons. Like Pigpen, Reawakened Man and UnOrdinary. But then there's stuff like Trailerpark Warlock that I like too.

  11. Ok, but is there a family guy web comic?

  12. > webcomics
    > Not homestuck

  13. > webcomics
    > Not homestuck

  14. Where is the video about Postal 4?…joking. Happy for you to coming out to us. Will be happy to watch your recommendations

  15. 14toeb

  16. You should check out ruby quest by tgweaver it’s not on webtoons sadly but I still think it’s a great read if you’re into mystery’s and horror :v

  17. NoOooOooOoO plz i am not gaiiiii NOOOOOO

  18. I was expecting some original author web series or something, what is Webtoons exactly are?

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