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My First Ever Comic Book Garage Sale! How Much I Made And Will I do it Again?

My First Ever Comic Garage Sale! How Much I Made And Will I do it Again?

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Welcome to Comic Book Corner 2.0 where I your host Mike spider-Slayer has all kinds of fun with Comic Books. I am a True fan who tells like it is. Join Me as I bring you each week Comic Book Hauls, Comic Book Reviews, Comic Book Cover Videos, where you the fans vote on your favorite covers. Also look for Occasional Comic Reviews, Unboxings, and as always thank you for your support

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29 Bình luận

  1. 👍👍👍

  2. Hi Mike, great job. Real Happy for YOU

  3. Congrats on a great sale 👍

  4. Dude you're awesome. You have just such a positive vibe about you. I love watching your content! I'm new to the comic community but I've had great experience so far!

  5. How did you advertise your sale Mike?

  6. I was happy to stop by and find a few comics for my collection. Thanks for being so nice.

  7. Great video Mike…I have been thinking of doing the same thing,,,,and trying to form a game plan to sell.

  8. Glad the sale went well! I'm in NY, but if I was closer I would have definitely showed up to support!

  9. Congrats on your comic con Mike 👍

  10. Congratulations man. Take care

  11. I live in Charlotte county Fl, do you keep your comics in your garage? If so does it have air or just a regular garage, cause I was not sure if I could store them in my garage. I know to keep them off the ground, I’m running out of room in my comic room.

  12. So what was the AVERAGE sale price per comic?

  13. 16 short boxes! I think my collection is 8 short boxes so far…

  14. Hell yeah brother

  15. CONGRATS!!

  16. Wow! This was an amazing experience, Slayer. Congratulations to you and everyone who purchased comics from you today. I want to do this!

  17. Wow congrats Mike!!!! It was a pleasure finally meeting you and I was happy I found some books as well. Sounds like it was a really great day. Glad you like the Ben Riley!

  18. Congrats on the garage con!

  19. Awesome sale!!

  20. That is some amazing cash you just made. Would do it myself if I had enough comics!

  21. That's really great. Way to clear out space and make some collectors happy!

  22. Damn wish I was local!!!

  23. How did you advertise?? I’m in Lake Mary and didn’t know 😲

  24. That Marvel Legends Spider-Man Retro Ben Riley is sought after and hard to find in the stores. awesome AOK!

  25. Man I wish I could've been there haha

  26. Hope you had a Great Day 🎉

  27. great job my dude

  28. Awesome bro!! Glad it worked out for you. Wish i lived closer

  29. Awesome

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