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My Top 10 Comics on WEBTOON

I have read a few comics on WEBTOON over the years, and today we will be ranking the best from the best! Each one of these is a gem, and I can’t wait to keep reading them.

Tower of God:

The God of High School:

Purple Hyacinth:

Omniscient Reader:



Unholy Blood:


The Boxer:

Weak Hero:


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Dr. Bonehead

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  1. Here are all of the links in case you guys want to check out the comics! Thanks for watching!

    Tower of God: https://bit.ly/3xxqUnu

    The God of High School: https://bit.ly/2Us8vK9​

    Purple Hyacinth: https://bit.ly/3AFrHVn

    Omniscient Reader: https://bit.ly/3hozq2A

    Rebirth: https://bit.ly/2Vieqln

    unOrdinary: https://bit.ly/3dX6JHT

    Unholy Blood: https://bit.ly/3qUjw30

    Eleceed: https://bit.ly/3hoatUO

    The Boxer: https://bit.ly/3xnji6Z

    Weak Hero: https://bit.ly/3hqPW1Z

  2. Tried Webtoons recently and the pages won't load

  3. You should check out ordeal or supersonic girl or room of swords

  4. My favourite
    1. UNordinary
    2. Parralel city

  5. Nice list. Added the ones I haven’t read to my likes.

  6. Why is no one talking about my deepest secret?
    It became most crime thriller from webtoon?

  7. My top favorite webtoon
    1. Your wings and mine

    About it: Shealtiel is an angel who just can’t get things done, and he’s just been given an assignment to kill a demon. Will he be able to do it?

    About it (from the authors tik tok): an angel with scars is sent to unalive a demon. But the demon keeps getting them in shenanigans, but is he (shealtiel) really sent to unalive the demon? Who is he (shealtiel) really?, and where are her balls? (Belias)

    I really recommend this comic if you like chaos and comedy

    P.S spoiler! The VERY CHAOTIC chaos doesn’t start until around after ep 6!

  8. Please tell me someone has mentioned GOSU webtoon?
    Drops the mic

  9. You should definitely try hellper and Darbi, those are pretty sick. Darbi has some great art and just a really cool feel to it

  10. I'm not the biggest webtoon fan, like I don't think the style is for me. All the styles are kinda similar but there's a couple really cool ones. I wanna make my own webtoon soon and I wanna live off of comics haha

  11. You should try " YOUR THRONE"
    ITS literally amazing 💫

  12. My top 14 Webtoon (I won't rank them coz they're all too goodddd and a recommendation for you all)

    1.Horangs nightmare
    2.Not so Shoujo love story
    3.The kiss bet
    4.Everything is fine
    5.Cursed princess club
    7.Mom,I'm sorry
    8.God please make me a Demon
    9.Surviving romance
    10.Mage and demon Queen
    11.parellel city
    12.purple hyacinth
    13.Castle swimmer
    14.Love advice from the great Duke of hell

  13. putting omniscient reader below GOH i respect the opinion but damn

  14. So I am in love with the one comic “Eaternal Nocturnal” Its about this girl who lost her job multiple times because of insomnia, it only has 4 episodes right now but I am loving it so far!

  15. I love seeing YouTube videos about webtoons

    Anyways thought I’d share my top 10 (in no particular order)
    1. Cursed Princess Club
    2. Villain to Kill
    3. Your Throne
    4. Boyfriend of the Dead
    5. Heirs Game
    6. City of Blank
    7. Blades of Furry
    8. Axed
    9. Covenant
    10. Suitor Armour

    And of course some honourable mentions bc I read too many
    Of Dark Lords and Cabbages
    The Four of Them
    Parallel City
    Surviving Romance
    High Class Homos
    Brimstone and Roses
    Rooftops and Roomates
    Love Advice From the Great Duke of Hell
    The Croaking
    Jackson’s Diary
    Castle Swimmer
    Matchmaker Hero
    Rise From Ashes
    Mage and Demon Queen
    Purple Hyacinth

  16. My top 5
    1. Solo leveling.
    2. Lookism.
    3. Weak hero
    4. True beauty.
    5. Tower of god since I am still in the beginning of the series.
    Honorable mentions
    Boxer, unholy blood, freaking romance, age matters, unordinary and I forgot to get it on number 4 * the gamer

  17. read TEENAGE MERCENARY dr. bonehead!!

  18. Please read jungle juice if you like action it's so good it my fav to read

  19. Noblesse

  20. I have not read that many webtoons. Im more of a manga guy but my top 5 manwha would be

    2.Sweet Home
    4.Tower Of God
    5.Solo Leveling

  21. Have you read the gamer yet?

  22. No noblesse?

  23. 1:40 so basically he's jimmy hopkins?

  24. You should read Wind Breaker u won't regret it👍

  25. My top 10 :
    1. Tower of God
    2. Weak Hero
    3. Study group
    4.God of Highschool
    5. Getback
    6. Mangsa/Prey
    7. Vending Machine of Death
    8. Tales of The Unusual
    9. Highschool Soldier
    10. Nano Mashin

  26. 1. Tower of god
    4.un ordinary
    5.weak hero

    My fav

  27. John and his jelled hair is cringe

  28. Nice list. One I feel is heavily underrated is dice 🎲. My top 3 are tower of god, god of highschool, dice, just pancakes because it’s hilarious and not all top webtoon need to have anime powers and fighting ,and lastly Plunderworld because it take Greek gods and mythology but has Hades and Persephone in a love struck misadventures plus Greek mythology and I love the art.

  29. Lumine is my favorite!!

  30. I recently started Omniscient Reader and am so happy it's in the list, one of my fast passes now! Another I was surprised to really love is the strongest florist, definitely recommend!

  31. Yet most of the top webtoons is romance and it is pretty hard to find action webtoons now

  32. Hi Bonehead.

    Love your entire list.
    such fantastic choices.

    I recently discovered webtoon, actually because of TOG where i fell in love with the TOG universe and wanted more.

    Eleceed was my top pick, I literally finished it in 2 days…

  33. Try Hardcore Levaling Warior,it's great

  34. 1 week late but here we go
    10. Pigpen
    ,9. Tower Of God
    8. Down To Earth
    7. Escape Room
    6. Solo Leveling
    5. I'm The Grimreaper
    4. Viral Hit
    3. Unordinary
    2. Home Sweet Home
    1. Bastard

  35. My personal top 10 kinda in order (?)

    10. Tricked into Becoming the Heroine’s Stepmother
    9. Tower of God
    8. It’s Mine
    7. unOrdinary
    6. The Remarried Empress
    5. Boyfriends
    4. Teenage Mercenary
    3. Jungle Juice
    2. Eleceed
    1. Omniscient Reader

    u can tell i like the manhwa style alot and the kind of protagonist i like 😀
    also lowkey these arent really my ‘favorite’ favorite cuz ive read alot, there’re the ones i look forward for the next ep

  36. Nu kubera? No sub zero? List is shite

  37. Nice video, mines are:
    4. Die wonder
    5. Midnight movie (my own webtoon)

  38. ToG is by far my favorite as well! Kubera is also great tho!

  39. You should watch kubera it’s the best webtoon

  40. My favorite comics as of right now is:
    Her Summon
    Omniscient Reader
    Tower of God
    Sixth Sense Kiss

  41. Top 5 webtoons for me:
    1) Kubera
    2) Bastard
    3) purple hyacinth
    4) tower of god
    5) sweet home

  42. Check out Windbreaker- it’s about bicycles

  43. As a WEBTOON YouTuber, you should cover The Gamer

  44. You put all my favorites but I am so happy you put purple hyacinth in there it’s one of the best mystery webtoons Ive ever read so good

  45. But what about the breaker??? If you haven’t read that you need to

  46. Dude I recommend solo leveling
    I am sure your list gonna change after you read solo leveling.

  47. Hellper has a pretty unique art style and story and is definitely worth checking out.

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