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  1. All the series mentioned in this list:
    The Four of Them:
    Andy Bass:
    Mage & Demon Queen:
    The Prince of Southland:
    Castle Swimmer: 
    ​Small World:
    My Dictator Boyfriend:
    The Doctors Are Out:
    Winter Moon:

  2. I have a good one "The Doctors Are Out"

  3. The four of them>>>

  4. I just got an ad for Webtoon while watching this

  5. You should read The Croaking, it’s kind of creepy but it’s a very amazing thing.

  6. You’re the guy I always see on webtoon ads when I’m using tiktok!

  7. Hey! you are on the down to earth ads and the bfs ads!

  8. I remember you from adds I think

  9. Ok ok but two sides of him will always be my fav

  10. hey gays! does anyone know what bl means?

  11. Cries in i searched Of Dark Lords And Cabbages
    And got this

  12. That awkward magic in number 1❤

  13. me writing the names down for all of them

  14. Idk if this is the right place to ask but I need help. does anyone know of a webcomic that was based in a world where pretty much everyone was magical but they had varying degrees of magic and had these things called MQs and the higher ur MQ was the more magic you could do, the main character had a super low MQ and he meets a boy with a really high one and idk what happens next I can’t remember anything from it and don’t even know the name. So if anyone recognises this please lmk what it’s called 🙏

  15. Castle Swimmers is my comfort comic and always will be :,1

  16. Personally, I’m kinda sad Heirs Game and Muted aren’t on here. Both of those are amazing gay centric Webtoons that I’ve been reading for years, and Muted has some seriously amazing LGBT+ rep. I was kinda surprised Andy Bass was on the list, but to each their own.

  17. My favourites are: Castle swimmer, Crushed, it strikes a chord and boyfriends. They’re all so cute ^^

  18. I would also like to recommend Covenant! The characters are amazing and It has a very good plot. After you read the first season you're really going to want the second season to come out!

  19. But what about Blades of Furry 🙁

  20. Winter moon is art itself

  21. When he was talking about Castle Swimmers I was like: ….LUCA?? ALBERTO???

  22. My favorite lgbtq comic is boyfriends

  23. where’s “Boyfriends” !

  24. I respect you man even if I’ve only been watching you for 7minutes

  25. Castle swimmer was my first webtoon series i cried so many time this was before I came out as trans and bi

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