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Nerd & Jock webcomic dub – Issues 40 – 49

These comics are created and owned by Marko Raassina. Please follow him on either Twitter, Instagram, Patreon, Tumblr or Webtoon.

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Music used is Yarn Yoshi Takes Shape! from Yoshi’s Woolly World which is owned by Nintendo and Reign in Blood by Slayer.

Nguồn: https://grenadesandwich.com/

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44 Bình luận

  1. Comic

  2. Nerd and jock but comic

  3. Who else is just bingeing the series?

  4. The girl is biteing her thumb which is very rude

  5. And nerd and jock as star ship ooohhhh ssshh#t

  6. Bruhhh nerd and jock is Rick and morty

  7. yeah what comments? youtube, tumbler, or twitter?

  8. I’ll be damned, but… Jock Lee

  9. Honestly I thought the ship universe was something completely different

  10. Opposites attract

  11. 2:39 What

  12. I agree

  13. IPS film please don't let that crazy girl did the joke tone tone tone

  14. We need more jock and need please

  15. 4:47 i see that someone is just like my pals

  16. Did jock just break the 4th wall

  17. Where part 6 of the nerd n jock comic dub ?

  18. Wait if there are all of these universes then is there a universe we’re there not friends?
    Edit:I’m wrong

  19. yo jock you need to be Smort

  20. 50 -> 59

  21. 00000000.1 %. Of jocks power


  23. The soviner is noice

  24. Now, I want to hear "Yodeling Metal".
    Also, a nice reference to DBS: Broly at 2:23

  25. What's the background music? I heard it once. Is it from Tomodachi Life? I can't tell.

  26. You should make another as they made a bunch of new comics

  27. Why did they have to tease us with the ship universe?!?! 😭😭😭

  28. Keep going with this comic thing it's so nice and I love it keep going and it's just so funny and wholesome I love it

  29. Can’t wait for 50-59

  30. 3:55
    Jock broke the 4th wall 🤣

  31. I need more

  32. huh, I just caught this in my recommends and I just finished the play list…worth it

  33. Nerd, jock, and goth. Now all we need is the popular pretty girl

  34. 3:48 can someone explain is for me? ._.

  35. And then they took the world by storm with their ground breaking yodeling metal

    What I imagine them doing in the concert :

    Jock : Yoo De Lee~

    Nerd : *Intense yodeling music*

  36. lmao all these callabs bro. there was even a rick and morty reference 🤣

  37. Uhhhhhh…

  38. with the combination of brains and bronze they are unstopable

  39. This vid sure make me calm

  40. How is the need the rock and roll one i kinda like that

  41. The glasses weren’t the limiter, it was the tie

  42. Why does the strong guy sound like critkal in the beginning

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