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NEW COMICS THIS WEEK (Weekly Breakdown) | March/30th/2022 Releases

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🔹 Welcome back everyone! Today I’m talking about HOT NEW COMICS THIS WEEK (March/30th/ 2022 Releases). I’m going to be going over not only ALL previews for the new comics this week, but also their variant covers, arcs, and any first appearances. I break down the list as best as I can with the books I’ve read and which ones I’m also picking up.
0:00 – WELCOME!
4:18 – IMAGE
6:48 – BOOM!
8:22- IDW
9:50 – DC
12:04 – MARVEL
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33 Bình luận

  1. Thank you for all the support everyone! Closing in on 8k and I'll be doing an omnibus giveaway.

  2. I cut Step by Bloody Step. I thought the first issue was terrible.

  3. Great work as usual. I don't read a lot of comics, but I still love watching your weekly videos. I love something is killing the children, even though I'm a bit behind.

  4. Love that Misfits shirt! 💀

  5. I'm a sucker for the X-men so I will be grabbing those. Hopefully they are decent. Plus the Batman Beyond title.

  6. FINALLY!! X-Cellent #2!!

  7. Ditch the background music man it’s just distracting in my opinion

  8. Love having some music in the background of the video this time!

  9. Hulk: grand design & Swamp Thing

  10. Has anyone read Carriers from Red 5? I'm going to check it out. AR, you're right about Hulk, though. It's been Meh at best and I hate feeling that way because I really like Ottley on the art. ASM has been crap. I see people RAVING about it, but it's so disjointed and convoluted. Different artist almost every issue and the writing is mediocre at best. Time for a change. Get a CONSISTENT creative team on that book NOW.

  11. Oh, I just love your reviews, especially for the indies. I am looking forward to: A Righteous Thirst… Radiant Black, Newburn, Step by Bloody Step, Batman 2 Black Label, Amazing Spider-Man.

  12. Dc comics get the Batman beyond dude damnit

  13. Step by bloody Step is an amazing one! I wonder why you didn't five a try? Also the TNMT has a new character coming up in this one. Batman Beyond will have a new enemy so it is a comic to look for… Sensational Wonder Woman Special no.1 will have a new major villain coming up. The MOST IMPORTANT ONE this week (hint! Hint!) is The Amazing Spider-Man 93. There is a major KEY inside (I don't want to reveal the punch) but this one will be a very important one.

  14. Just wanna give you a big shoutout AR – I had never actually read comic books before discovering your channel, and now it’s my favourite thing to do!

  15. Relatively light week for me: One Dark Knight, DC vs Vampires, Shadow War Alpha, and Dark Ages. I might pick up Sensational Wonder Woman and SIKTC, but I might wait to pick up the next slipcase edition.

  16. I’ll definitely be picking up the Cities of Magick. Scout Comics is on fire lately. Also the Hulk Grand Design series is the same guys that do Red Room. So I’m expecting the the artwork & story telling to be super gritty with that one. I can’t wait!

  17. Nice shirt 😉

    I recall your video on Key Collector and if certain comics were "keys". Although I agree with the some of it video, I think it would help people out. Like repeating it in the video, for example:

    – DC vs. Vampires: Identity reveal of Vampire King
    – SiKTC: First appearance of Gabby, a new recruit to the Order of St. George
    – TMNT: 1st full appearance of Venus de Milo in the mainstream TMNT universe
    – X-Cellent: 1st appearance of new X-Cellence members, possibly Whoosh and Fluff
    – Batman: Beyond the White Knight: 1st cameo appearance of Robin, a female of the Mongolian descent working under Red Hood.
    – Shadow War: Alpha: Possible 1st team appearance of the Demon's Shadow
    – Sensational Wonder Woman Special: Solicitation references the Threnn of Doom- possible new character
    – Amazing Spider-Man: Ben Reiley teased to take on a new identity of Chasm. (Get the "Gleason Variant" IMO)

    Even though they may not be 100% correct, still something to look for IF coming.
    Watch for Miles #37 & 38 😉

  18. Great work man!! Looking forward to Silver Surfer Rebirth 3, it has that 90's appeal to it. SIKTC, Radiant Black and Rogue Sun is on my list as well. Sad to hear that Spider-Woman is being cancelled, it was actually a solid series.

  19. Great work as usual. Not gonna buy it but that Sheena Lee variant is smoking!

  20. I feel the same with the hulk series

  21. Am i the only one excited for more willys wonderland? Ha.

  22. I cannot wait for SIKTC!!!! Boom 💥

  23. Cult of ikarus was boring AF, I quit halfway through not getting issue #2, X-Men immortal seems promising idk why, ghost rider, SIKTC is a must grab even getting the Peach Momoko comictom101 exclusive, DC vs Vampires is dope…

  24. Always a good day when Radiant Black drops

  25. Does your store not get Ablaze Comics? Animal Farm #4 is out 3/30 and it is wonderfully written and drawn. If you can't get the back issues, hopefully there will be a TPB. Get the Gleason cover of ASM #93 if you can…

  26. Great Video, thanks for all your hard work. I’m a DC fan but slowly dipping my toes in Marvel, what new X-Men titles should I start picking up? I’m so juiced for SIKTC as well. That’s Meye2centz.

  27. I’m with you on Cate’s Hulk….. it’s not even the Hulk it’s Magazord… if I want power rangers I’ll read it. That grand Design has been on my pull for months!! Can’t wait

  28. 4:49 they didn't have a Radiant pink series, it was just that Radiant Black #12 could've been a Radiant Pink one-shot. Supermassive one-shot, Radiant Red miniseries, and Rogue Sun miniseries are the tie-ins so far

  29. I agree…hulk is not impressing me. The art is ok at times and the what if concept is ok. Immortal hulk was awesome. Moonknight for me is killing it. Ghostrider is great, punisher is great,batman is good too and underrated. Check out deadly neighborhood Spider-Man. It got postponed but concept seems legit. Hour of the dragon art is amazing.

  30. Looking forward to the new hulk series, almost missed it. Thank you

  31. Keep up the great content and I love the shirt!!🔥🔥

  32. 🔥🔥🔥

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