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One Punch Man – King vs 4 Dragon level Monsters (WEBCOMIC)

Song Links
Song 1 (by Mattia Cupelli) (0:10):
Song 2 (by Fairy Tail) (1:40):
Song 3 (by Chopin – funeral march) (3:13):
Song 4 (by Free Vibes) (4:43):
Song 5: (by Breaking Copyright) (8:07):
Song 6: (Rise of Saturn) (9:10):
Song 7: (by AShamaluevMusic) (10:11):
Song 8: (by Secession Studios) (11:45):
Song 9: (by Fairy Tail) (14:31):
Song 10: (Al:Lu – by Hiroyuki Sawano) (16:08):
Song 11: (by Kevin MacLeod – Merry Go) (18:08):
Song 12: (OPM – Garou Theme) (18:39):

Thumbnail Drawings (made by SmurfArt)
BlSp drawing:
Homeless Emperor drawing:
Evil Natural Water drawing:

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Enne Ti

23 Bình luận

  1. The next part is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ob-hV5uZBaI

  2. King is a beast

  3. The title should be king vs the telitubbies

  4. Wasnt he the reason homeless wizard died? From stuttering? 😭😭

  5. Nigerundayoooooo! Tatsumokey!

  6. Wait this actually happened kindve

  7. King is a true S-class

  8. Classic Genos, ending up as a limbless torso

  9. Kings true power is to make people around him braindead

  10. Man. The manga really butchered this scene.

  11. 17:04

  12. Imagine if King's actual secret ability was the imagination to reality thing. Now that would be awesome.

  13. King: I will make my own plot armor. Let’s go monsters!

  14. I love Genos' line at 0:55 about "having no bishop or a rook". In the manga, Drive Knight was both literally the bishop and the rook, which is what inspired the rest of the S-Class to work together and help Tatsumaki and Genos defeat Psykos/Orochi.

  15. 5:55 So,king has antenna, king can cut apple without noticing it, he one shot an elder centipede and the Titan

  16. 17:04 idc bout the energy wave but what's with kings face?

  17. 😭 bro- I really thought king got powers I got so happy

  18. I seriously love king’s bit. Every time I see him in a fight I think he’s gonna break, but every time he just earns his placement more and more. 4 dragon class monsters? That’s impressive.

  19. I can't believe this is already adapted to the manga re-draw and it was amazing lol

  20. 5000000 iq monster:me smart
    5000000 iq -) -99999 iq monster

  21. They realease it in manga

  22. Who needs one punch man when you’ve got zero punch man

  23. Dude has sperm power?
    You can't be serious right?

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