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Optimize WordPress In Minutes | Faster & Lighter Websites

WordPress is super flexible with plugins to cater to almost every use case you can imagine. BUT, with that flexibility comes one BIG problem – Speed!

Today, I’ll show you how you can quickly remove unused plugins on any page of your website in seconds.

Speed up WordPress, reduce the server load and deliver optimized pages to your visitors – what’s not to love?

Freesoul Deactivate Plugins makes this incredibly easy, painless, and FREE.

Take your WordPress website and skills to the next level!

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29 Bình luận

  1. How did you know I was looking for a plug-in cleanup? Thanks, Paul! (Well, the irony is, if I had installed all the plug-ins you’ve highlighted over the last couple of years, I’d have quite a plug-in zoo on my sites.)
    What I’d love to see is an explanation, for a non techie like me, what type of plug-ins affect the scripts loaded in delivering pages, and what plug-ins are merely utilities for admin background purposes, like backups or dashboard tweaks. Most WP YouTubers make it sound like plug-ins are generally bad for performance. But they are not the same. Or are they? What are general guidelines? That’s a video lots of us would watch.

  2. 1:26 I always find it interesting to see what other plugins WP gurus have installed. And how often they have a slew of updates that they haven't done (you pass though!).

  3. Excellent work! =D

  4. WOW! I'm glad that I subscribed to your channel and found this amazing video. This is going to save tons of loading time to all my client's websites..

  5. Waal, you are talking about me. I was stressing on how to make my website load faster. Thank you for much!

  6. Thank you for this! The interface looks light-years better than what I'm using now

  7. I swear you were describing our site word for word!! We have been struggling getting our site to load faster because of so many plugins. as always, you are a lifesaver!!!

  8. The problem is Elementor in the first place because it injects a lot of bloat code that slows down the performances. I use Zion Builder and managed to score 100 on mobile without any optimizations.

  9. Can we preview the changes made BEFORE saving/rolling them? If this is possible that would be amazing because we can have a chance to see if anything breaks in the front-end BEFORE saving any changes to a live/production site.

  10. Great, great, great plugin!!!!!
    I have been searching for this topic through YouTube for a long time. This tutorial is one of the most helpful tutorials that I have already watched. Thank you for your efforts.

  11. very very helpful video, thanks

  12. Gave this a quick run on a slow live site (I know!) This is one impressive plugin, dramatic increase in Lighthouse tests. Cheers Paul C and Jose Mortellaro

  13. Please test on gt metrix and google page insight.

  14. Way to expensive and not lifetime offer available

  15. I already used this plugin over two years ago. It does a good job. I just started liking the script manager of Perfmatters more because it gives more granular control for the individual files of each plugin

  16. Cool plugin. Would love to see something similar in Perfmatters.

  17. Genius concept, I’ll def checkout!

  18. Thanks for demonstrating that. I like it and I don't. The options are great but it's sad that something like this is needed to clean up other plugins mess.

    I'm worried I wouldn't be able to make smart decisions. I may disable HappyFiles but how would I know if it needs its script there to find out if an image is used? The frontend may be fine but now the backend shows wrong info. Just an example. It feels risky.

  19. Thank you very much Paul for sharing such a nice overview of my plugin!

  20. Have to say this looks good and will give it a test drive. Thanks once again

  21. Nifty plugin

  22. This is very impressive, someone is obviously thinking of how to solve a major problem. I just want to suggest replacing the angular text with the icons of the plugins or just making it vertical…but this is so good, I am adding it to my current project immediately

  23. I have Asset Cleanup installed but this one looks handy. Thanks for bringing this plugin into our notice.

  24. Just on time. About to launch a site tomorrow.

  25. Thanks Paul. Just the thing I wanted to know. Simple and good insight. Let’s hope the error checks stays working.

  26. nice! do you think the free version does everything most sites might need, or worth extra for Pro?

  27. This interface and those baked in page size/load metrics are way more impressive than the other well-known cleanup plugins.

  28. This is #1 reason I don't like WordPress as a coder. CMS should do this automatically out of the box. I have one big project with bunch of custom plugins that I wrote just for this site. And what I did there – I created a plugin that always loads first when you open up a page. It gets page content before WP outputs it, then it checks what plugins are used on this page and only then enqueues their scripts and styles into head. But this works only with plugins that you include on a page with shortcodes… So it works on my project fine, but this solution is not universal. That's the best way of automization for this problem I came up with so far.

  29. Cheers for this, Paul. Another great find. Love the new music as well.

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