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[REDRAW + RELIVE] Preachy webcomics PART 1 – Assigned Male, Vegventures

edit: this video got copyright claimed for the arabic nokia ringtone I put at the end lmaoooo I had to cut it out


I know it’s REAL ballsy to have made one (1) single video that got popular and immediately make a very “political” video that’s a two-part, hour long ramble but I wanted to get this out of the way so I wouldn’t have to lose 10000 subscribers in the future for having opinions that make people hate me lmao

I’m also recovering from a flu so there’s probably 100 errors in this I’m too lazy to fix sooooo HAVE FUN Y’ALL, NEXT EPISODE COMES OUT IN 5 YEARS WHEN I FINALLY DECIDE TO WORK ON IT

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  1. Hey y'all'd've'whom's't'ever is reading this, I didn't consider people wanted to see the full comic on its own so I'm gonna start posting the finished speedpaints I do in the pinned comments!!

    This one can be seen here on my patreon (FOR FREE BTW, I AIN'T CHARGING ANYONE FOR THIS HOT GARBAGE): https://www.patreon.com/posts/assigned-male-32730174

  2. What the hell is 'cis guilt' ?!

  3. The top two things I always hated about her comics were when they talk non-stop about children's genitalia and acting like kids should constantly be questioning their identity or be raised without gender.

  4. Fun fact Hitler was actually a vegetarian

  5. That was really well done and balanced

  6. To me vegventures is the worst comics i ever seen

  7. Wait, with the whole comparing meat eaters to Nazis I gotta ask. wasn't Hitler a vegetarian?

  8. A bit late, but cows literally need to be milked or else the cows’ udders will quite literally explode

  9. I feel like the meat eater vs vegans war is pointless
    Both sides are bad, meat eaters are bad for eating meat and vegans are bad for eating plants as Plants are alive

  10. I am saying this as a Transgender man….Assigned Male is the most annoying fucking comic

  11. Assigned male's artist, sophie, has been exposed for using images of irl children as reference for her babyfur diaper fetish art.


  12. Then… There was Assigned Male's second account. Waffles. Don't google that.

  13. Whats the text to speech you were using at the end?

  14. God i love how much you care about the small animals that most would call pests
    Ive MET people who dont think bugs are animals, for some fucking reason.

  15. The fact that your avatar actually moves/undulates(?) is pretty cool. Makes it immediately better than pretty much all the other drawn avatars I've seen on this site.

  16. 24:33 best screenshot I have to confuse my friends with no context

  17. 32:44 plus some vegetables aren’t strictly vegan (e.g avocados, cherries, and a few others I can’t remember sorry 😅) as they require bees to be transported en masse over long distances, aka. bees are being used in an unnatural way so therefore the foods aren’t strictly vegan as it’s highly unlikely that the foods are grown without bees (as without bees they take forever to grow) lol.

    So no avocado toast or cherry juice for you, vegventures!

  18. 30:46 the maker of this comic will go into cardiac arrest when they find out Hitler was actually vegetarian lmao

  19. Ok but like, what the heck's an animal collector

  20. I know this is a sorta old video but I love all the little pins you gave your dragonfly stand in- they're just such a pretty detail to the already unique design-

  21. Bruh I know it's been almost a year but your art makes me seriously want to write a short comic about Stephanie, now a late teen, realizing how unhealthy her childhood fixation on being trans was, how it was really just a safe space for her, and how much it's consumed her. It'd end on a happy note as she gains a new identity that focuses on just being herself, and learns to talk about political issues like trans rights in a healthy way. I probably won't do it but the comic has a failed potential to be really good, and it makes me yearn to reach that goal.

  22. i like your cut LGBTQ

  23. when i was 11 i discovered gravity,electricity,fuck that even fire. Talked about philosophy,communism,racial problems.
    I also killed Hitler,Stalin and many other dictators,was in Afghanistan,Iraq,Syria.
    You know,like an normal kid.

  24. Honestly, I really thing Vegans are hypocrites, they just talk about mammals but they don’t say nothing about fishes and insects. They are in danger of extinction too! Fish for indiscriminate fishing and Insects like Bess for pesticides.

    Good video and honestly I like the redraw is really cool and with a good message! 👍

  25. 30:42 ironic considering hitler was vegetarian

  26. I can’t believe I’ve found somebody who annoys me more than anonymous asexual

  27. The trans ended up being transphobic, I I THOUGHT TERFS AND MALE HATERS WHERE THE DEEPEST OF THE DEEP

  28. Sounds like delusion

  29. These comics are even worse than your mic lol

  30. assigned male writer: you shouldn't assume people's gender identity and sexuality, it's rude.
    also assigned male writer: anyone who doesn't like this comic is a cishet male

  31. These videos are really enjoyable and cozy.

  32. A song got me to save some snowbush spanworms.

    This is the song https://youtu.be/HQI5a2WGt2s

  33. 24:07 nice Crash Twinsanity music.

  34. Is it bad that I like 4chan humor?

    Yeet the homophobes jk though.

  35. That ending fucked me up good.

  36. 30:03 The product description is written in a third person perspective. It could have been someone else that wrote it. It's just best to leave this out of it. It doesn't discredit any of her arguments or comics.

    As for these 'Strawmans', yes, some are. But there are people who do have those things (Superiority complexes, a lack of awareness). Doesn't matter who you are, those people exist regardless of whether you want to believe it or not. It is a good comparison to compare Hitler to speciesists though. Because it is an animal holocaust.

    31:17 I fail to see how that's an insult?

    I think the reasons why most vegans don't like humans is because of what they do to animals, and also how they treat vegans. For some vegans it's a phase they go through, to hate humans. Some get over it. Most I think. I advocate that we just make better choices in life and be nicer to each other. Minus when I'm having a meltdown, autism sucks by the way. It's also worth noting at this point, Pupa runs a mini animal sanctuary, apparently. She has her hands full, so the CTRL+C CTRL+V thing is kinda a good excuse? But also, how else do you change things from pane to pane? These comics can be bad, but they have good messages regardless. That consuming animals is wrong.

    32:00 this is why you can't argue against veganism. You make claims but you don't back them with evidence. Provide the studies.
    (Also all that you mention here is something you should probably do? It's hypocrisy if you don't. I see this argument way too many times. It's a tu quo que fallacy I think?)
    B12 can be supplemented , and I know that animal products lack B12, depending on if it was processed through the animal or not.
    Palm oil is something most vegans already avoid to my knowledge. Because of deforestation as well as the habitat loss.
    Honey is not vegan because it's against what veganism is. Beekeepers exploit bees for honey so they can make money of it. And not surprisingly, the reason bees produce honey is to store for the winter for hibernation. But because it's the beekeeping industry, they have to cull those bees. It doesn't keep the population up, because they kill the bees. And I heard somewhere that bees are also in conflict with other colonies. So having these exist creates more issues and kills the wild bees.

    33:50 pretty sure that's a strawman. I don't see why someone would dedicate their time to drawing (Other art at least) and writing about animals, because they dislike them? that doesn't make sense.

    It's propaganda, but is the propaganda wrong? I'm pretty sure if you look deep into it, you'll realize it's pushing an agenda to live cruelty and guilt free. Not to be superior or self righteous. At least in my case. I don't know about other vegans.

    Fish do have sentience. They feel pain, they are conscious. There are studies done on this by Applied Animal Behavior Science, University of Guelph in Canada. You know what, I think we can just safely assume that all life with a functioning brain is conscious and feels pain.

    37:08 the problem with this advice is we live in an era where that can't happen. Where demand is at an all time high, so you need factory farms for the foods you want. The only way to be healthy, save the planet, and save animals, is to go with a vegan lifestyle. There's no such thing as grass fed beef (The regulations on it are iffy. It's not required that they stay outside all day. It's usually like, an hour, and that's it. The rest of the food is grains imported from somewhere else). The only difference between that and a vegan lifestyle is the food that would be given to these animals that are forced into this existence, can feed the entire human population 3x over. I think the studies done by Harvard and Oxford university on Animal Agriculture's environmental issues says this.

    37:40 Stealing art and reselling it? why didn't you provide examples of that in the video?

  37. youre one of the only people on youtube ive ever heard talk about vegventures. Somehow during one of my comic con visits I found a booklet with some comics of her. I instantly hated it. These are the people that always complain about vegans being turned into a strawman, but have zero problem doing the same with non-vegans. Every person who is not vegan is either an idiot, has very shortsighted arguments or is nothing but angry when the vegan gently and carefully explains her points of view. I mean, is her comic in opposite world?

  38. 30:41
    fun fact : hitler was a vegetarian


  40. The only transgender person I've ever met in my life was some sort of crazy bitch at school I got friend with for whatever reason. She would beat me up if I disagreed with her, was rude and self-centered all the time. One day, out of no where, she told me and my other friend she was now a guy. Then "he" got full-blasts into white cis het male hate, being haughty, comtemptuous and sometimes violent towards everyone who tried to ask questions…

    This person is now out of my life for good. I really hope one day I will meet a transgender person as wise and kind as seems to be the person who made this video.

  41. A lot of the assigned male comics use a lot of buzzwords from gender studies but use them in the simplest settings possible meaning their not always correctly used. I’m a gender studies major myself and it makes me cringe because it reduces everything I spend hours studying to what’s essentially a bad joke. Not only that but it makes my major look bad and that pisses me off because I have to fight to be respected at my university and among older adults who tell me I’m waisting my future by studying something I’m passionate about. Reading this especially makes me uncomfortable as I’m specializing in lgbtq+ studies and want to become a councilor for lgbtq+ youth and seeing the a comic that horrifically misrepresents what I’m working for in my life is just upsetting as hell

  42. 26:02 heartburn and nausea rise up but not too quickly because well, you know,,,,,

  43. 12:53. I actually made an edit of that comic strip. I edited Stephie's dialogue to her talking about being a Blood Angel, and at the end Photoshop a Chainsword and Space Marine helmet on her head, chanting "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD." :3

  44. As an FTM person, being trans is not my life. In fact, I usually don't acknowledge it because I have interests and hobbies. All I do that could be considered "living as a trans person" is trying to present male, which has been easier with T. Focusing your entire existence on being transgender is unhealthy and pushes people away.

  45. When you said that FTM surgeries are horrific and usually don't go as intended, it sent a shiver up my spine. Another reason to be scared of my future, I suppose hahaha 🙁 fuck

  46. I'm Bi and White and a Man but I still get called "Hetero" because I defend people's choice of Freedom of Speech, even if I don't agree with them.

  47. a lot of anonymous asexual (that purple/blue haired bowtie person comic where they get mad about everything) is very anger strawman based which is why its so hated, if you read it and ognore that shit, they make SOME good points (minus the bit about the whole they pronouns thing being multiple and then them saying some people "identify" as multiple as if im able to choose to not have the dissociative disorder i have, but thats besides the point) but people always ignore the points just because of how preachy and weird it is. in scrolling through it i could find parts i could agree with, but its easy to overlook the point with how the comic is

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