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Saitama Meets the Son of God / One Punch Man Web Comic Chapter 134 Breakdown

Saitama finally meets Blue, the son of Blast.

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One Punch Man – Web Comic – Chapter 134 – Blast – Saitama – Blue – Fubuki

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  1. the place fubuki and psychos went and pheonix man took child emperor is very similar to that scene with god and homeless emperor

  2. bald white male approaches small blue haired child

  3. 0:04 bruh Reigen

  4. Saitama meets Jesus Christ

  5. Like the voice but I rather see the comic and you talk over it not your face 😑🥱

  6. Son of Blast = Protégé or smthing akin to like a student or smthing boi

  7. One interesting thing is: did Suiryu forget that Saitama saved him?
    Why is he asking for Saitama's name? Why is he acting like that?

  8. 1st time watching your vids. Last time too. Shitty click bait.

  9. Im not sure how theyre crossing timelines with the manga because they say that Suiryu won the martial arts tournament in a webcomic retcon but then why does he act like this is his first time meeting Saitama

  10. Blue is a clone mark my words..

  11. ONE and Murata, I want Boros back. I want him alive

  12. So the teaser is blue. So in al alternate timeline Saitama is god?

  13. The son of God? Bruh

  14. Is reading the webcomic worth it rn? I'm already reading the manga and I honestly prefer the much better drawing but I noticed that they might change the webcomic a bit since apparently in the webcomic blast wasn't shown but it was in the manga

  15. so much stuff has happened after then anime

  16. Can someone tell me where to read the webcomic and is there a right order to read them ?

  17. Hey where can I find the webcomic and manga chapters?

  18. i do not know how strong saitama's mentality but maybe god isnt that strong and blast defeated this god but god will manage to escape the cube and the god try's to hypnotize saitama or something. or accepts god's deal like when he talk to garou in the fan manga,,, and behold saitama the God level treat..

  19. What’s the background music?

  20. Never thought Saitama would have meet Jesus Christ.

  21. I wonder how will Saitama handle this kind of "Apocalypse" that would alter fate itself.

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