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Sections, Columns, Margin & Padding EXPLAINED – Elementor Tutorial WordPress for Page Layout

In this video I explain in detail how you can use Sections, Inner Sections, Columns, Margin & Padding to create a page layout in Elementor. This is a Elementor Tutorial for beginners that want to get started in Elementor. So if you are new to Elementor, then this video might be interesting for you.

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  1. I'm so glad I finally watched this video, I feel like I understand the finer points of manipulating Elementor so much better now. You are an amazing teacher and thank you so much for making this. I saw you may have to take this video down, I hope that's not the case but if so I'm glad I saw it before that happened!

  2. Awesome!

  3. solve lot of my problems with sections and columns and must appreciate your great teaching skill to let us learn a lot.

  4. Outstanding tutorial. Clear and concise. Would suggest moving pointer slower through dashboard so we can follow selections. Also, there is a difference between top and bottom as opposed to above and below. On top suggests a layer. I thought this was one of the best tutorials I have found and is worthy of all the work you invested. Thank you.

  5. The sequel for this video is, how much of this do Containers make unnecessary?

  6. I know I'm a bit late but thanks for explaining this to me. I've only been using WordPress for about 3 weeks and it's little bits of info like this that are helping me get my head around it.

  7. Superb

  8. 👍👍

  9. Liked and Subb'ed because you definitely deserved it! [To Your Success!] 👍

  10. Great work. Thanks

  11. This was absolutely wonderful. GREAT JOB OF INSTRUCTIONS! THANK YOU!

  12. Man, I hit like and smashed SUBSCRIBE 10 seconds into this video (before you even stated you worked hard on it) and have not been disappointed through to the end. First…I could relate to your opening recollection of your early challenge driving the purpose of the video. Thank you for this video; and I hope you continue growing and offering more content for those of us who are looking for your style of tutorial.

  13. what font did you use on the presentation? it is super pretty

  14. your smile is so cute man

  15. I Love You

  16. Question for you 🙂 …

    So if you look at some of the new Elementor Sitekits, they do stuff in column backgrounds (like you have in your vid).

    So… no pic, just do a background image in the column (like your vid). Cool. But…

    But then comes the Elementor "cheat". What they also do is put a Spacer widget in the column – and hey presto, the image magically "fills out".

    Have you seen that? What I'd like to know is what's going on there? How's that work? What's it doing?

    The Painter sitekit is one example – lots of columns with background images have the Divider widget added.

  17. You are a real gem. Lots of love from Pakistan

  18. Best video I've seen in a long time, clearly explained and altruistically delivered. Now understand the 'matrix'. Will be an enormous help! Thanks so much!

  19. the video is perfect for understanding the differences between sections and column, etc. Thanks!! But what I am still struggling with is a full split screen/section. I want my hero in a half on the left and right. Could you do a video on that (if it's possible anyways in Elementar (free version) or wordpress itself?

  20. Finally…..I get it. This video was indispensable. Thank you

  21. thank you god

  22. so pedagogic, thanx!

  23. Awesome.. thanks

  24. i just wunna center two columns…how??

  25. Awesome work my friend, really appreciate the explanation given in your videos. You rock!🤘🏻

  26. At first I am thanking YouTube for these valuable videos. And the person who make this content, he is a person of gorgeous mind. Helping everyone to teach the best techniques. I just love him. Love you brother.

  27. 24:34 Great tip for remove padding!!! Thanks!!

  28. thank you so much ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  29. So helpful and easy to understand. Thank you!

  30. this is mind-blowing and incredible tutorials… thank you so much sharing this.. god bless you .share more knowledge like me new bee learn more..thank you so much again

  31. hi , great video! What I run into it, that a post need to have a few images attached to it, these are construction projects and each have 4-10 images. I use Elementor PRO and want to rely on it if it is possible…. I am building a Single Post template , and can pull the featured image, but how do I assign a widget or a dynamic are to pull the appropriate images for the actual post. So instead of showing the featured image of the post I would need a gallery, but each post would have it's own 4-5 images… I hope this make sense. Please let me know if you can suggest something…

  32. I absolutely hate it every time I run into the same issue which I have solved numerous times before but have forgotten how I did it. Elementor keeps on dragging me through the same mud and I, as I said, hate it.
    However I salute those who have learned and figured it out. I'm not sure if I want to.

  33. Thanks . I am working on wordpress websites in my side gigs. I am.a java developer

  34. your videos are really very helpful I have learnt elementor in just 2 days thankyou

  35. Very cool video. Thx !!

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