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SketchUp – Tutorial for Beginners in 10 MINUTES! [ COMPLETE ]

[ 11K LIKES! ] Get into a new Way of Learning SketchUp Free 2020, the best CAD solution to start designing completely for free! Getting started, basics. 🔥MORE at
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Get into a new Way of Learning SketchUp Free 2020, the best CAD solution to start designing completely for free! Getting started, basics.

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00:00 Intro
01:04 How to Start
01:30 The Workspace
02:36 Drawing Tools
03:32 Text Tools
04:12 Visual Aids
05:14 Drawing 3D Objects
06:12 Visualization Tools
07:06 Reshaping Objects
08:25 Editing Tools
09:18 Applying Materials
09:53 Saving Project

In this video we will discover Trimble SketchUp Free, a professional CAD software which does not require any license or any installation. Design 2D, 3D, add annotations, pieces of text and make advanced modeling, components and preview with shadows and fog. A complete beginner tutorial packed in just 10 minutes.
This tutorial is the most updated one available on YouTube.

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  1. Thanks for the video, this helped a lot!

  2. I was not having any idea regarding this software but uh given an excellent idea…..
    Thank you for the great tutorial ❤️

  3. That's cool, thank you.

  4. The word is, "heighT", not "heighTH". Other than that, good video. Thanks.

  5. waste of time

  6. This tutorial doesn’t explain how you get onto the part where you make the designs! There’s no ‘create new’ button on my iPad I’ve been stuck on the Home Screen for ages!

  7. This 10 minutes covered Everything my 3 credit hour class taught me in using SketchUp. So Helpful!
    Yes, we were given models to edit and create, but The ESSENTIALS I should have learned on day one were included here.
    Thank you for the quality content. I will be using this channel for similar software in the future.

  8. You're so amazing thank you for this i really didn't know SketchUp , and to learn software from scratch would be hectic you made things so easy . God bless u 🙂💕🥺

  9. Thank you for making this. I've yet to go through the tutorial but from what I've read in the comments I'm very excited. I'm a fashion designer and will be graduating this April 2022 and this program was not apart of the programs we tend to use but I feel like it would be a great addition I can learn on my own to enhance my digital design skills as for visual merchandising it will be perfect… For display layout illustrations

  10. Very 😧badly

  11. "Intrusive interface"?

  12. Great refresher. ty

  13. That's good tutorial.

  14. Couple questions – is there a return to origin button or shortcut, and can you edit object side lengths once they are either complete 2d or 3d objects? I've been struggling with editing solid objects – I don't want to have to draw everything one line at a time and measure every line… Can you set an extrusion distance?

  15. I would call this an intro. Not a tutorial.

  16. How do I make a funnel shape?

  17. hhaaahhahahahahahahhahahahahahah alolloloolololololol

  18. Good tutorial, to the point. Thanks. I'm not sure that Sketchup is for me since I'm used to old school drawing of 2D plan, profile and side views. Does Sketchup all these views to be drawn in 2D and then rendered to 3D?

  19. It's height, not heigth

  20. Intuitive, not Intrusive lol

  21. Hope that u can flash to screen widely the tools that u use, thks added knowledge in how to use 3D in other way

  22. Hi!This video was amazing!But I have a question!How do we make the text stand up?I really need to know.I hope you can answer as soon as possible!Have a great day and a Happy New Year!

  23. Nice tutorial. You do realize that there is no such word as Heighth, don't you. The vertical aspect of an object is its height.

  24. very useful

  25. Sketchup doesn't work like you said. can you recommend an actual working program?

  26. Anyone here for DT alevel

  27. Thank you for explaining it very well.

  28. Excellent tutorial thank you

  29. How did you open up that tube thing?

  30. Can you please explain how to make the object stick to the y axis plane instead of it all coming top-down on the x axis plane

  31. how come i never knew this gold existed

  32. Bro are u Italian????

  33. It’s been a year since I’ve used sketchup and I really really really like that site because it helps me draw my backgrounds for my comic! Can anybody please tell me what has gotten into that site now?? I can’t download any detailed furnished houses anymore! Is it still free like it has been? I hope someone will answer

  34. Has sketchup Completely changed now??? I tried downloading a fully furnished mansion from the warehouse but now somehow I can’t download anything at all now!!

  35. That's great tutorial😮🥰

  36. Let me see😊

  37. when i'm in line tool, the line draws in segments, it doesn't let me choose the length

  38. you helped me so much with this video. now i know all the basics of sketch up and I can start making my own projects and 3D models.
    Thanks a lot

  39. Can someone answer my questions pls.l wana build a small fishing boat about 3-4 meter.wana draw and print it 1/1 scale.scatctup free wersion works for this project or no?

  40. literally learned how to use SketchUp before my model is due 3 hrs before thanks man

  41. Android app ya pc

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