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[SOUND DESIGN]: Hazbin Hotel (Pilot): "A Day In The After Life" Comic Dub

A complete dub of the second official comic for Hazbin Hotel (which can be read in its entirety at featuring full sound design for all scenes.

Well, after months of waiting and a handful of delays, it’s finally here. This is arguably the most complex sound design project I’ve ever done. With much less dialogue than the Angel comic, a lot of the effort here was making sure all the sound was realistic but also put across the appropriate mood and atmosphere for a character like Alastor. I hope you all enjoy my sound creation on this next official peek into the Hazbin world.

And please, give all your support to the wonderful original artists on the Spindle Horse team who worked to create this for us all:
Pencils – Liam (@Winters_Ichor)
Lineart – Faustisse (@Faustisse)
Color – Lunetta (@FunnyLunettaART)
Backgrounds – Magpie (@Magpie_Feather)
Writter – Vivienne Medrano/Vivziepop (@VivziePop)

Hazbin Hotel and all its characters belong to Vivziepop and Spindle Horse Toons.

Alastor, Vox, Misc. Demons, Butcher, Customer: Myself (PARANOiD DJ)
Cannibal Ladies: dragonscale8374

We’ll Meet Again – Vera Lynn
Addict (PARANOiD DJ Dirty House Remix) – Silva Hound feat. Michael Kovach & Chi-Chi
Moonlight Serenade – Glenn Miller
Ju-On V, Bourei – Christopher Young (The Grudge, The Grudge 2)
Alastor’s Game – The Living Tombstone
The Time Of Angels – Murray Gold (Doctor Who)
Deep Purple – Turner Layton
Alive, Silent Heaven – Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill, Silent Hill 2)
Midnight Eternal – Naoshi Nizuta (Lightning Returns: FINAL FANTASY XIII)
Nitr8 – D.Ramirez
Som Sas – Eric Prydz
Himuro Mansion – Ayako Toyoda, Shigekiyo Okuda (Project Zero)
Escape From The Planet Of The Red Marker – Jason Graves (Dead Space)


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35 Bình luận

  1. Hey everyone, thank you all so much for helping my dub of this comic reach a million views! This is still the most complex sound design project I've ever undertaken on this channel and it's the one I'm most proud of to this day. It really means a lot that so many of you have watched, commented on and enjoyed my work to this degree on both dubs of the official comics and I hope that you'll continue to stick with me as I make more in the future. Thank you!

  2. Would be splendid to see Alastor scare Valentino the next time he comes to find Angel

  3. Okay, this comic made Alastor my favorite character. Also, like I said before, your voice for him is fantastic. It's actually fucking terrifying at times.

  4. Is that the sheep cherub from helluva boss???

  5. I love how he protected that lady who couldn't stand up for herself, such a gentleman ❤😄

  6. my respect for alastor at the end-

  7. The cannibal women def have a thing for Alastor lol

  8. This the first time I headed alastor curse😭

  9. When your Evil Playthrough Character walks down the Street after killing 23 Enemies: 0:17

  10. I’m so excited to see what Alastor will be like in the show, because for a serial killer he seems to have interesting morals

  11. Alastor my beloved

  12. 0:43 Hmmm since when did demons started acting like gentlemen? They're in Hell.

  13. Wow alastor you have a beautiful 😍 singing voice!

  14. Now all I can wonder is what that sheep/lamb demon did to get into hell.. 🤨

  15. Alaster help that sheep?

  16. He is a bad guy and murderer but… in good way of course

  17. What’s the song Alastor was humming at the beginning

  18. 2:29

    Mrs Alastor Mom:ALASTOR NO SWEARING!

    Alastor:Sorry Mother….

  19. It's nice we found out that he isn't actually evil. I always knew Alastor was never actually a bad person. His politeness gave that obviousness away.

  20. Chills liget chills lovely good job

  21. name of song from 0:10

  22. Alastor is humming “moonlight serenade, by glenn miller” at the start. Your welcome for the research 👍

  23. idk if i am supposed to feel disturbed or happy lmao

  24. The comic was already creepy, but you made it way creepier with those sound effects. My god it feels so real hata I git shivers down my spine

  25. I actually wrote a fanfic with the sheep demon being super thankful to Alastor and they kind of grow crushes on eachother.
    Her name's Julia Dawson, she died because of her boyfriend stabbing her in the chest.

  26. I like how there is an audience laugh when alastor says "I want fresh meat not bubblegum!" Its adds to his old ass vibe

  27. Me every time i go out in public:

  28. I love how Alastor is women protect 💞😍


  30. You should ask Vivziepop if they could use your help with their videos, the comic and the sound affects are amazing!

  31. My what a nice man killing the butcher who don't show respect to the others

  32. This is an absolute demonic gem 💎

  33. The beeping in the background sorta sounds like sainsburys 🗿

  34. Anybody else notice “Alastor’s Game” by the Living Tombstone playing in the Cafe?

  35. I think I just lost my appetite…

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