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I constantly get asked to explain Spider-Man’s webbing. Are the created by mechanical web shooters, or are they created organically by Peter himself? The answer is both, and that’s what we’re learning about today! The story of how Spider-Man created his web shooters, how he gained web powers, how he lost those web powers, and why the Spider-Man movies went the directions they did!

Every Wednesday, Comic Misconceptions explores the incredible stories, fascinating ideas, and mind-blowing theories regarding comic books and the rich history and culture that surrounds them!

Hosted by Scott Niswander (@ScottNiswander)



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20 Bình luận

  1. I've always preferred the organic webs from the Sam Raimii Trilogy. I get that making his own web shooters allows Pete to show off his scientific skills. But i do like 1 web shooter: The Amazing Spider-Man web shooters. I have no idea why but the web shooters from Andrew Garfield movies always amazed me.

  2. Nothing will top the OG!

  3. they ruined spiderman for me

  4. Spiderman should have some kind of poison like a spider or maybe thats too op

  5. Stop it with the argument that organic make more sense, because if organic made more sense, he would have them from the beginning

  6. Andrew and Tom: I’m outta web

    Tobey: I missed the part where that’s my problem

  7. i think i prefer him with organic webbing because its a part of his ability and nature not an add on

  8. Kinda weird how organic webbing is infinite despite the fact that real spiders have a finite amount of silk.

  9. The part where peter turns into a giant spider and comes out of it a human or during the other storyline where peter comes out of himself and came out from a cacoon is actually an ability that spiders have. This ability is called Molting where spiders come out of their husk or skin. Theu can also regrow lost limbs during this Molting phase. If they can adapt something like this into the comics, maybe Peter and miles will have a new ability unlocked.

  10. Organic webing much better it spider much powerfullere

  11. So many lame organic lovers in this thread. The mechanic shooters made his powerset more unique from most other superheroes – part of them were from the spider bite, and part of them were his gadgets mimicking other spider abilities

  12. I think it just makes more sense to be organic, because it should be apart of his mutation. He was made into a spider-like human. I always assumed that the substance that makes the thread was biological, while the web-shooters were what made them projectiles. Thats how it should be, a combination of both. If the shooters broke, then he would still be disabled to give him vulnerability, but it can still work that the substance from it was organic. Thats how I see it. Or they could say the webshooters just give him more power and accuracy in the shots and not the source of them.

  13. Anyone here after Spiderman's No Way Home?

  14. I used to think organic webs were normal as a kid and that's why one of the reasons i never liked the amazing spiderman movies

  15. I prefer organic web shooters.

  16. Mechanical web means fake web fake spider period..

  17. "Organic webs? Like, from your body? Gross"
    -Peter Parker, Ultimate Spider-man

  18. I actually liked Spider-Man 3!

  19. I only prefer organic web-shooters because whenever Peter gets bitten by a genetically enhanced arachnid and fused DNA from their venom into his veins, he becomes a spider in his human form. And, yes, some spiders, like the Brazilian Wandering Spider, the deadliest spider in the world, do not spin web, but still.

  20. Wait! 5 years after this video, the movie Spider-Man No Way Home came out with all three types of webbing!

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