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TOP 6 BL y Yaoi en WEBTOON / Castillos en el Mar, That Awkward Magic, Mr Beta y mas !

Menciones especiales: EN ESTE LADO DEL RÍO (canvas – capitulo 5) de PURIDRAWS de PERÚ En busca de tu sonrisa …

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The Boku No Hero manga is great and all, but the manga doesn’t have Bakugou punching Kirishima in the face …

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Top 10 Manhwa Where MC is Transferred To Another World And Becomes OP As Hell

Isekai is one of the genres that is famous everywhere out of japan. Constantly more and more new isekai manhwa …

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THE MOST POPULAR KOREAN SNACKS for reading webcomics!!??

Today we try all sorts of classic Korean snacks as well as newly released ones to try and choose which …

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TOP 6 Manhuas BL + 2 webcomics (19 days, Cosas de vida y muerte, Circle, 3 de Marzo)

TOPS DE MANHUAS !!! (osea mangas chinos) 19 Days 3 de Marzo Circle Cheng Sheng. Ángel de Amor Seduction Against …

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Easy Contest to Break into Writing for Webcomics #Shorts

Voyce Me’s contest: Leave a like if you enjoyed the video and subscribe to see more! Thanks for watching!!! Feel …

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🌪ASI fue la BATALLA entre SAITAMA Vs TATSUMAKI | One punch Man Webcomic COMPLETO🔋 | OPM Webcomic

🍀Saitama vs Tatsumaki. Desde que tuvimos el primer encuentro entre TATSUMAKI Y SAITAMA sabia que las personalidades de ambos personajes …

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