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TAKESHI Web Comic 3 – "That's a smart alligator."

Hey everyone! It’s Ryan Lai from Unbound Vision with a new mini web comic video for your viewing pleasure! We had a ton of fun with this one and we’re only getting better as we go! Keep in mind these comics are spoofing our upcoming anime web series, TAKESHI, a dark superhero story set in Osaka, Japan. We do hope you enjoy. Stay inspired!

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Special thanks to our current patrons Chad Brown, Byron Lai, Isaac Park, Jonathson Hong, Lance King, Samuel Thacker, Koyuki Kuroya, Colin Deniston, WendyLucy, DredFiles, Marc Snider, Zack Shields, Cesar Lachica III, Enoch Park, Jonathon Loo, Cory Shenfeld, Isla Charlie, Yots Komolnila, Rebecca A Swenson, Alex Vuong, Wei Wang, Zuzu Miranda, Chasity Conner, Sagar Bramharakshas, Jose Hernandez, Alex Brown, and Pineapple Sempai! You guys are amazing!

Voice of Shiro Isamu – Ryan Lai
Voice of Aki Takeshi – Jamie Jovel

Music by Kevin MacLeod

Quirky Dog Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

All sounds obtained from

Nguồn: https://grenadesandwich.com/

Xem thêm: https://grenadesandwich.com/web-giai-tri/web-comic/

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  1. hahaha that alligator funny stuff

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