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Tapas Webcomics versus Naver Webtoons on Smart Devices

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About this opinion video–
This vlog episode explores the similarities and differences between the Tapas webcomics site and the Naver Webtoons site.

#webcomicsonSmartPhone #webcomicsonTablet

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  1. 1:11 Apple smart phone
    2:43 three-finger tap function for 50% zoom
    2:59 two-finger pinch to stretch and zoom all the way in
    3:39 change orientation from portrait to landscape
    4:37 live URL links in the comment section
    5:01 Patreon site
    5:27 Merch site
    5:55 Naver Webtoon
    9:06 links in comment section, i.e.Line messaging app
    11:40 Nvidia tablet
    15:46 timelapse of Lettering process
    16:28 EOT

  2. #TapasMedia is the winner of the “Favorite Publisher” category at the Ringo Awards 2020!  
    #manga #manhwa #webcomics #inksgiving2020
    Congratulations, Tapas Media!!

  3. Traffic to Tapas and Naver Webtoon are both up quite considerably. Naver shows that this month has doubled last month, and the month is not over yet. Naver is going to host their 2020 Webtoon CANVAS Awards soon and will need readers to vote in six categories. To qualify to vote, you need to read 50 titles with a minimum of five chapters. We should have our Fifth Chapter up this Thursday.

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