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The BEST and WORST Rides in Disney California Adventure

Radiator Springs Racers. Incredicoaster. Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout. What is the BEST ride in Disney California Adventure? Molly is taking us through the entire list, and ranking each ride from “eh skip” to “MUST DO.” What will come out on top?


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25 Bình luận

  1. Molly: I don't like thrill ride simulators.

    (Also loves Fast and the Furious Supercharged)

  2. Not gonna lie, web shooters was fun, but with all the issues it has I much prefer midway mania. I think it’s a disservice to rank some of these rides lower because they have a copy in Disney World. Like my partner and I loved little mermaid and rode it twice because it had a short wait, it’s super colorful and fun, air conditioned, and we love the little mermaid. Especially after being traumatized by mission breakout. I understand these lists can vary based on what kind of rides you like (like I’m not a big thrill ride person) but I still think ranking based on another park is the wrong way to do it.

  3. "Two men in your 30's who just want to have a little bro time". STILL laughing over this one…

  4. Molly & the rest of your staff are awesome! Your videos are awesome & informative.

    I'm retiring from my job in a few years & am moving to Orlando to work part-time at Disney. Could you tell me some really close places to Disney where we could move where I would not have to cross I-4 to get to work (we are having trouble narrowing down where to search for a new house)? Is there any other advice that you could give me about moving to the Orlando area, applying at Disney or working for Disney? Thanks again for everything that you do with your channel.

  5. AllEars is my “Disney bible.” I’ve blindly followed their suggestions (laughing alongside with the team along the way) to great success when planning my WDW visits (with rarely a disagreement to their recommendations). But, DLR is my home park, and I have very strong opinions. When Molly got to Guardians (#2) – and had already gone through my favorite DCA rides, Incredicoaster and Soarin’ – I literally could not think of what else could be at the top of the list. I’ve never understood the fascination with the Cars ride – movie is great, but the ride… meh. I think my favorite thing about it is that it draws so many fans that other (and ahem better) rides have shorter lines consequently!😜

  6. Wow, Molly. You like Luigi’s and the swings better than Mater? Crazy. LOL

    Also pro tip – Radiator Springs Racers has a single riders lane. We have never, ever waited longer than 10-15 to get on, and 9 times out of 10 it’s a walk on.

  7. Jumping Jellyfish was my favorite ride as a child it's amazing so don't even

  8. I love Silly Symphony Swings! It's also good for spin-drying yourself off after doing Grizzly River Run.

  9. Those older boys on the carousal seemed to be misbehaving 🤣

  10. Mater’s>Luigi’s

  11. I love Cars Land even though not fond of the movies. Theming is exceptional and I can go on everything with my bad bad.

  12. I’m in my early 30s, but I am somebody’s mama and Soarin is my favorite ride so this tracks 😂😂

  13. Tomater is my sons and my top 5 favorite rides

  14. Hey have you heard that Kitra broke her ankle so wish her a speedy recovery

  15. I'm probably in the minority here but the swinging ferris wheel is top 3 for me along with mission breakout and incredicoaster. (although i havent been on webslinger)
    The swinging is actually very thrilling, especially if its your first time. It catches you off guard. And the view is spectacular.
    Also radiator springs is overrated. Waited a long time and it was underwhelming. Much prefer test track.

  16. 7:07 Molly's lucky but REMEMBER THAT TIME Ursula's head was dangling by a thread?! LOL True story! Sorry, Molly, had to throw that in here! Also, at 16:29, if you go to DCA during the Halloween season, Mission: Breakout does a Halloween overlay and the ride is retitled, Guardians of the Galaxy: Monsters After Dark! Fun factoids! I haven't been to Disneyland since Fall 2009 so I want to go back soon but not until like 2025 when there's the 70th Anniversary Celebration! Then I'll maybe go back in 2030 when it's the 75th Anniversary of Walt's original park!

  17. While some of us may not totally agree with all the rankings, who cares it's your show. Screaming, TOT and RSR for my top three.

  18. The Zephyr IS MUCH WORSE Than Jumpin Jellyfish, as is the Swing ride..

  19. Loving these videos! I am new to the channel, so I apologize if this has been answered before. What type of camera do you use? They are so small but such high quality! Thanks!

  20. Wow , I’ve not been there in a long time since years ago…..thank you Molly

  21. Nightmare Buckets…LOL! That is a perfect description.

  22. Mater’s Jamboree only at 14? Monsters (the most meh ride at dca) at #6?? Ok, it’s time to fight lol

  23. There is no way you can put monsters Inc. over Toy story Midway mania. That is insane. And I will put goofy sky school a little higher up

  24. Incredibly invalid list. Spider man top 3??? Definitely should be bottom 3

  25. Molly! You broke my heart here! ❤️ the Golden Zephyr.

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