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The Best Tool for creating Webcomics?

The comic is now finished and it’s called “Big Bad Wolf”. Read the first pages on Webtoon:
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0:00 – Been working on a comic
0:50 – Clip Studio Paint
1:06 – Traditional vs Digital?
2:32 – 3D Models in Clip Studio Paint Basics
4:50 – Using 3D Models
6:25 – 3D Backgrounds & Objects
8:20 – Brushes
9:12 – Drawing a forest scene
10:51 – How I created the thumbnail for this video

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25 Bình luận

  1. Is there any feature for Face reactions / emotions

  2. where can I find those AMAZING brushes for grass, leaves and trees?

  3. does anyone know what website or app (pc) that i can get 3d model since i can't afford clip studio

  4. Are you french ?

  5. what is the name of the digital tablet that you are using ??

  6. Can u also make 2d animation using it

  7. Which device do you use?, And would you recommend it?

  8. The 3D model had me laughing so hard. I am tempted to draw the pose around the 3:05 mark. Man I love JoJo

  9. which app is this?

  10. I hope I could meet you someday, I need an autograph haha


  12. Woooow that is exactly what I need! Thank you much! +1 subscriber

  13. I want to know how u make the character after finding making the body position

  14. Thank you for this video. This video single handedly convinced me to get csp and after only a few days I’m in love with it. The 3d models and background brushes are a life saver, and it’s such a huge help for drawing comics.

  15. Bro im gonna make so many art whit this good job

  16. awesome

  17. R U Gay? ur webtoon comic is pretty sus…

  18. Whish someone could sell me them for cheap …to expensive for me

  19. Blender 3.0 Is best.

  20. @laovsn what tab and pen do u use??

  21. thank YOU

  22. Ahh i see how thry amde it now qwq

  23. I am invested in the story of Chair-kun and Senpai-senpai

  24. What is the name of the web comic i have a toothache

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