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The Fastest Process for Making Comics in Photoshop

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Comics are a tool for visual storytelling, but they can be very time intensive! By walking you through my process, I’ll show you the ways to expedite your comic making that I’ve developed over 7 years of making them myself.

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Brookes Eggleston - Character Design Forge

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  1. Omg!! I have been drawing comics for a couple years now and the tip at 6:00 is what I've been looking for! Thanks for the tips. 🙂

  2. Its so well and simply explained 🙏thank you

  3. idk if this is in the vid but if you want outlines use the stroke effect.

  4. Thank you for this! I honestly thought it would be a whole different (and complicated) process. This really helps and I can't wait to put this knowledge to use. 😀

  5. The Alt method doesn't work for my MacBook. I'm trying to avoid lines going over my layers.

  6. You are helping me so much❤️

  7. I can't find anything on how to put a hand drawn thumbnail into a digital comic template. Anybody have a recommendation? No, I won't draw it digitally because I've already done the work and I HATE drawing on a tablet.

  8. Dude, why does this video keep staying in my recommendations???

  9. This was quite helpful thanks. I was struggling to find a good way to set up panels and this helped.

  10. which brush you are using

  11. Great tip with transparency lock.

  12. Thank you very much….you are great…keep it up….❤️❤️❤️

  13. pffft nobody's 16 for four years

  14. What is the settings of your brush?

  15. Really good explanation!!!!! 💪❤️

  16. my dream is to be an author this is really helpful. im gonna try to chase it but im not hoping for much and if i did suceed and be famous ill shout you out.

  17. I use the old photoshop 7.0 will this method still work the same same?

  18. Im completely self taught. I loved this tutorial because it showed me everything I was doing right, and everything I was doing "wrong" (ie, yo there is a way faster way to do what you're doing.) Thank you so much, I'm so happy and motivated right now- I'm almost positive I just shaved 1 hour of time on all my future comics.

  19. This is GOLD! Thank you, helped me out a ton!

  20. This was simple and cool thanks bro!

  21. I was just wanting to make a comic

  22. Font at 18pts is tiny af. Even at 72 pts it's a little small. I hate when i follow along with a tutorial and do exactly what they do on screen and get a different result..

  23. how did you do this?? when I try to trace the marquee tool with pen, it won't trace the line. Call me stupid if you want but I really just don't know

  24. The video is very helpful
    And vary simple
    I just got success in it

    Plz give him the support
    -true fan

    Those who have the installation problem with Vegas plz watch this video
    It is 100% working video
    Thank you.
    Watch this video

  25. That’s even some serious useful work!

  26. Can someone explain me how did he do the Pannel?

  27. Are you using just your mouse to draw in photos shop?

  28. Dude making a comic page for “MerMay” this year. This helped tremendously, thank you.

  29. hi! did you have any sort of technique (like transparency lock) done when you colored the tongue and mouth so it wouldn't bleed outside the line? or did you just carefully colored it?

  30. This process is so efficient, thank you for sharing your methods! I use some of them in my usual process already but still was able to learn something new. But real questions asked, for how long has there been an eliptical marquee tool in PS?? I feel so lame now LOL! 😂😂😂 I've been using this program for like 15 years and still not a single day passes by without learning something new 😅

  31. wow, bruh! your really simple and blow my brain off my head! why did i took too long and give it harder to design that? thanks but unfortunately i had a deadline yesterday but unfinished! since i draw on paper and pen which much easy than photoshop! make sure full screen as we can see where you select tool and we will learn! I'm the deaf dude who loves make comic so do my friend!

  32. Love it

  33. I wonder how much he's changed this process in the last 6 years.

  34. I kept trying to figure out who you look like every time I watched your videos and I FINALLY figured it out
    Mike from Friends!! Ugh took me months lol great tutorials btw much appreciated

  35. this is awesome. thank you

  36. This is a slower version of the way I work… I use clip studio. Put all the inking and pannel boarders into one folder and set that to refference layer. Next, I have a fill bucket that reffers ONLY to the refference layer and automatically overflows by 3 pixels set to a shortcut key. Now I just swap to whatever layer I want to work on, pick a base colour, and while holding down the shortcut key, start clicking everywhere I want that colour. easy as pie.

  37. Thank you this have been very helpful

  38. Thanks a lot. Keep posting more videos. It helps

  39. wow this is very informative and help me. thanks bro

  40. Very use tricks. Thanks.

  41. Hi! can i ask what font did u use for "OH HELLO"? thankyou!

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