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The FASTEST Process for Making COMICS in Procreate on the iPad!

My comic, Parcel: Stitch in Time is HERE!

My main comic making tool has gone mobile, in the form of Procreate on the iPad Pro. I’m walking you through the fastest process for making comics, similar to my method in The Fastest Process for Making Comics in Photoshop.

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  1. When I try to select the gutter it doesn’t let me move them and delete the whole damn rectangle


  3. What pen do u use for a inking pen or do u have ur own pen set?

  4. I looked everywhere around the App Store but couldn’t find any comic apps

  5. I'm very confused on the lasso part. How are you able to remove those diagonal selections like you did for the top two panels on the right?

  6. This may be a few years old at this point, but this really did give me some helpful advice so thank you so much for that! ❤

  7. I learned about the smash bros method here I knew this was this case but I've never used it to my advantage. Same with the straighten line tool I always do that on accident lol!

  8. This sounds really helpful. I might get it for a comic I'm working on with my friend

  9. Please update this video, there's a text option now 🙂

  10. Just beggining with procreate for comics. it's very useful, thanx 🙏

  11. ما استفدت كثيرا لكن شكرا

  12. Thank you so much for sharing this information!

  13. what pens and brushes do you use?

  14. Can i ask where is the best place to show your comics? 🙂

  15. What website or app did you use?

  16. Which app

  17. Page size:

    Layer names:

    Call outs
    Ink layer (reference)
    Color flats (clipping mask)
    Background (clipping mask)
    Sketch layer (clipping mask)
    Canvas Background

  18. Plz don’t be procreate

    Aaaaaa not procreate

  19. Oh my gosh I didn’t know you could do this in procreate thanks

  20. Your not explaining anything your just moving -_- maybe get you do this click on this a little slippery and more fun…..

  21. Can you please do a video on how to add text in comic using multiply layer you did here? How do you arrange text written randomly on a separate page over a drawn comic page? 🤔

  22. I followed your directions to a t, but for some reason after the clipping mask the drawing i make dont show up or are very very extremely light…

  23. Thank you! You are a good teacher!

  24. Can anyone break down what he’s doing at about 3:58? When he says he’s adjusting the opacity of his line art layer? I would love to learn that!

  25. What are the settings on that Taras oval ink brush? I bought the pack after seeing this video but cant get it looking like yours.

  26. That reference layer thing is so cool, thats so much faster than bucket fill in photoshop

  27. thanks Paul Rudd looking dude!

  28. The smash Bros thing was hilarious! XD

  29. Why do you make the canvas size so big? New to digital comics, working on a comic for a commission and for future comics.

  30. Will this work on the iPad 7th gen?

  31. How do I add more pagessss

  32. So what if you are making a longer comic? Wouldn’t you need way more than 18 layers? You have a few layers already for this short example.

  33. I’m having trouble selecting the gutters and removing them, can you please go into more detail about that?

  34. This doesn’t work
    This is so bad

  35. 🤯 I didn’t know it could be that simple to do thanks👍🏼.

  36. great video. there's also medibang for making comics, and it has comic specific text. not as great as procreate, but decent for comics.

  37. The colors aren’t working for the way how you do it. What am I doing wrong I got the layers Clipping mask just y but it’s not right

  38. This is amazing. Thank you

  39. Why does your size up not destroy your image when you finish placing it

  40. I had a hard time following your recommendations

  41. my teacher assigned us to do a comic
    but I can’t even draw, help.

  42. This video helped me a looot, but I was just wondering…what brushes did you use?

  43. Oh this is so dope I just practiced this you are awesome lol I like drawing on my ipad way better then anything else lol

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