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I’ve been recommended Korean webcomics, or webtoons, a lot since starting the channel. So I took a look at a recommended comics, Wind Breaker, and a newer series, Sweet Home. Specifically looking at how the scrolling, “infinite canvas” of the comic adapts how the creators can play with pacing and movement through the comic page.

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  1. I'd be interested in your thoughts regarding Lore Olympus as its scrolling digital version and how it was adapted for print.

  2. na.to/date44063young

  3. Happy you talked about this. Webcomics lead to interesting layouts, whether it be the gutter space of webtoons (read suicide Boy btw), the gamified homestuck, or the fixed single panel of Ava's Demon.

  4. I'm sure this format is the future and my inability to really enjoy it is my first big "oh no I'm old now" realization of my 30s.

  5. aaaAAH finally 💜 Ive waited months for this. I think its also interesting to note how different platforms have developed their own style in webcomic layout. Popular Lezhin comics vs popular comics on Tapas for example have their own style that is common on the platform and it just goes to show comics just keep evolving in interesting ways

  6. Fascinating! Reminds me of my college days, when the medium was just beginning to transform with the Internet. I wonder how differently I might have made my webcomic, Zebra Girl, if I'd done the "infinite canvas."

  7. Scott McCloud was 20 years ahead.

  8. That scroll-through way in webtoons was first used in <1001> by Young-soon Yang. his works are amazing. here's example: http://mblogthumb3.phinf.naver.net/20120505_278/saintaria_1336207003122phHB5_JPEG/%BB%E7%BF%EB%C0%DA_%C1%F6%C1%A4_10.jpg?type=w2

  9. reminds me of this excellent endless scrolling web comic: https://www.wormworldsaga.com

  10. My big problem with the concept is that as a creator, you miss out on a big thing – the page turn. The page turn is an amazing moment of emotional impact that is unique to comics as a medium – and you willingly remove that. I personally prefer Scott McCloud's take on infinite canvas, who uses both infinite canvas AND page breaks, together.

  11. I think comixology is a great service and I would use it for books I either already know don't actually like/care about or don't do much to visually interest me

  12. There's a German webcomic that also works with the infinite canvas, Wormworld Saga: https://www.wormworldsaga.com/

  13. It seems like this format would be a little limited in depicting things going "down". It'd be difficult to show, say, someone climbing a mountain in the same way. Unless you set up your page to load at the bottom and having to scroll up.

    I wonder if anyone has done that.

    A long time ago, I read an interesting webcomic that combined scrolling in all directions. You'd, say, scroll down as the characters entered a subway, then sideways as they were on the train, then back up as they climbed to the street. I wish I could remember what it was, but it was like a decade ago.

  14. While I do agree with the ideas that you are putting forth, I have to say that this looks like a combination of adding motion to print to fake the illusion of movement. It seems like it is a midway step between live action and print. A lot of the "tricks" of movement are really doing to panel movement created by the digital effect. This takes a static story and added the "impact" by using the format of the "infinite canvas" is the same way film would and basically creating a completely new medium for the material. These are NOT fairly comparable. Where does the comic book end and the animated / live-action film begin? This is really blurring the lines of that at a low tech level but the contant itself is still the same.

    But I did love the video and found it very interesting.

  15. All I was thinking about this whole time was that horror comic that uses HTML tricks to make a forced-quick-scroll and a sound clip into a really effective animated jumpscare.

  16. Mangaka consider both the left AND right page, a manga editor will review a submitted draft two pages at a time.
    I suggest reading Bakuman or checking-out the SMAC manga 101 videos for more on the comic creation process in japan. Visual-language seems to be all that matters in that industry.

    Great video! tho 😃

  17. I've always found the tiny screen and limited panel exposure confining and claustrophobic. I can definitely appreciate it more now that you've explained how it can be used as a form of engagement with the audience.

  18. Will you analyze manga someday?

  19. Great video, as allways. If interest you, take a look in the appcomic phallaina. It uses the Infinite page (or infinite strip) in a very interesting way. (I'am writting a paper about it as soon as I can.)

  20. Check out “Sithrah” by jason brubaker he does a really cool job with the infinite scroll. Very interesting too

  21. This is so cool! I didnt know any of these, will check them!

  22. Very cool! I love media that uses its format to enhance the story!

  23. Nice new intro man

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