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The Lost RE1 Web Comic – Resident Evil

Resident Evil Short Stories – The Lost RE1 Web Comic
If you like Resident Evil, be sure to check out this playlist containing all kinds of videos on RE titles such as Resident Evil 1, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3 Nemesis, Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil Dead Aim, Resident Evil 2 Remake, Resident Evil Outbreak, and even videos based on characters alone such as Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redfield, Carlos Oliviera, Albert Wesker, Barry Burton, Rebecca Chambers, Billy Coen, the Alpha Team, Bravo Team and more!

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26 Bình luận

  1. You are doing God's work sir…resurfacing long lost memories…


    What if the following members survived re1


    What if chris and barry fuck off to europe like in canon. Jill, Kenneth, Richard, Forest, Enrico and Brad stay behind for the events of re3 with jill while rebecca fucks off to being a science major. How would the events of re3 play out now that the nemesis has 6 targets instead of just 2?!

  3. I just got my original copy of the first comic and the second is coming soon ( it is not printed ) and I didn’t bought it from eBay just saying

  4. Hay score I have a question to ask could you make a vid on how the hell Wesker managed to live after he and Chris fought Lisa Trevor where her mother tomb is….he can get knock of the edge of she get close to him ,seen it happen…up to you

  5. Did you hear about the show they are making on Netflix!?😱I'M SO AMPED

  6. I Have Them all if you want me to send you copies just let me know. I have code veronica comic too. I have fire and ice and 2009 1-6 re5 prequel comics. If interested let me know I'm glad to share with my fellow resident evil brothers and sisters lol

  7. Sending nuff respect to you Mr SPN your love and dedication is what I'm trying to do with my content, but not in a copy way, just how you word everything so well, big respect, keep smashing it my dude 👊✊💪

  8. Bruh.. youre content is underrated af! This channel is the shit 🤘🏾

  9. Just picked up the RE1 promo comic from 1996. It’s hard to resist opening it!

  10. I am so appreciative for you finding these, I never would have seen any of this on my own thank you!

  11. Thanks for those images mate. Btw rebecca not showing also can mean that She might already explored mansion and its stick fighting tyrant. Lets see if one of us founds any type of clue.

  12. How are they lost online if you got them from internet 😂 😂 😂

  13. Scan and download onto off file.

  14. I like the fact you know about kof after seeing your ikari team print lol you are a man of culture as well. Would be great if you made kof videos explaining each character, team and story arcs

  15. You are an angel thank you bro

  16. I've got a few pages of the original art. I inked them.

  17. lost?
    But Ive been reading it for years!

  18. Wesker: no army in the world would be able to stop the tyrant
    Chris (wielding a M202 launcher): Bye bye, Tyrant.

  19. Found it watching now.😎 I remember this video wow I been watching you few years now but dude YouTube new recommends program or whatever suck. But it's cool you actually interact with us and love for that bro. I litterly went on Youtube and said bro where's my boy that put out the Resident games and anime videos that made me happy and not trying to sound fruity but I suffer with Ptsd and depression so your videos bring back a special lightside of my memories from Resident Evil to Mortal kombat ect. Glad I found you again and won't lose you as long as you put content up I'll watch. 👊😏 I live of my disability and barely survive but I share your videos a lot it's the least I can do. And if you ever think what you do is just put videos and content your wrong you've helped me and many to be able to visit funny old happy lost memories bro and for that Godbless you bro. 🙏 p.s YouTube Recomends and notifications these days suuuuuck. It's almost like they try to keep you in a bubble to like label you serious. 😒

  20. You got some gold there

  21. I fondly remember the Wildstorm comics from when RE2 first came out. I had forgotten about the "webcomic" part, and I strongly suspect I didn't have the internet at all when I first got these comics, otherwise I'd have them saved somewhere myself (as a major data hoarder… I even checked and found tons of early 2000's era RE web stuff I'd collected, like fanart, etc.).

    One question, though: where's the link to download these pages? Please share them! I really want to save these for posterity! Please don't tell me they're lost again?

  22. Haha nice you be researching this shit. Respect.

  23. You saved an almost lost piece of art.

  24. Can you do Resident evil Heavenly Island?

  25. Umbrella Strikes again !!

  26. Also btw will you be reviewing any biohazard manga's?

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