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The Lost Web Comic | Leon & Claire A/B Scenario Story Explained – Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 Short Stories – The Lost Web Comic | Leon/Claire Scenario A/B Story
If you like Resident Evil, be sure to check out this playlist containing all kinds of videos on RE titles such as Resident Evil 1, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3 Nemesis, Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil Dead Aim, Resident Evil 2 Remake, Resident Evil Outbreak, and even videos based on characters alone such as Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redfield, Carlos Oliviera, Albert Wesker, Barry Burton, Rebecca Chambers, Billy Coen, the Alpha Team, Bravo Team and more!

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35 Bình luận

  1. you know I had access to the whole comic, I would actually change their outfits, dialogue and designs of the B,O,Ws, to make it like the Resident evil 2 remake

  2. With that Night of the living dead movie mentioned in beginning as Claire said I'm still surprised that George A Romero didn't get to write and produce Resident Evil series and if it were we wouldn't need the Walking Dead series although both were written just fine but we wouldn't get those horrid Resident Evil movies made by Paul W.S. Anderson.

  3. Damn…this is so sad I can just imagine you searching with a passion when you were that young and you never found it…damn

  4. I remember being like 10 when I saw pictures of the web comic. I've always wanted it. Thanks for the upload

  5. I have all these comics including a mint first edition to replace the one i bought in 1998 in my loft. noted they are rather expensive now. I had to wait like months to buy them with pocket money as i were a UK citizen and my comic book store was on the brink of closing. the artist who drew these stories was really awesome and some of the stories although sidetracking from the source material (this were as we know, only when they 2 games in the franchise) were really great. I will say though Lee Bermejo's art i really didn't like, as it looked terrible. he seems to get better with experience though.

  6. This is lost I still have my book with all the stories. I really like the bat onr

  7. I actually had dis comic. Awesome read.

  8. I've actually got a comic novel that includes all of these.

    Not the web comic obviously.

  9. Whats the name of the outro song ? it's so awesome

  10. lol claire mentions racoon city incident's a remake of night of the living dead … later in 2019 re2 gets a remake

    illuminati confirmed 😂

  11. Can't Get Enough Of This Channel

    And These Stories

    Resident Evil Is My Favourite Game Of All Time

    Keep Up The Great Work Dude

  12. Love your mom 🙂

  13. so did anyone ever find those other two comic images ?

  14. 1:28 Leon looks like a sexy squidward with a wig

  15. It never made sense to me how Birkin was able to get in that cell and get to reporter so easily like he did.

  16. i like nigt of the living dead but dawn of the dead is better
    (p.s resident evil 2 is dabest :3)

  17. You do also know that there's a resident evil 3 web comic my older brother used to have these back in the day if u go to Google images type resident evil webcomics they'll all pop up.

  18. I had this comic as a kid. I loooved the artwork. IT sucked they did not make the whole issue just the re2 story and instead shoehorn 2 weird drawn stories about a zookeeper and BArry getting therapy ( both which were covered on the channel).

  19. Thsts a duplicate because this story was mixed up poorly
    Because from his third form claire fights him on the mini cart that goes down to the lab
    The fourth form leon fights him in the capsole lab where the exit is
    And of course the 5th and ugly but kinda tasty form according to my niece they both fight on the train
    Thats how i remember
    This is why comics dont make sense any more
    It doesnt give u the proper story

  20. I had this comic! It wasn’t online however..I’m kinda confused. I distinctly remember buying it at Fry’s electronics of all places when I was a teenager in the late 90’s.

  21. I like watching these faded

  22. I had all of them as a child (in German language). I really don't know where they are 😀

  23. ………………I literally have this comic.

  24. Do you guys have any idea where the webcomics were originally found? Can't find anything online 🙁

  25. I love your channel! I've stumbled on it late, but catching up on all of it. You have a great narrative voice, and these comics rule.

  26. I have the printed version of both of these Resident Evil comics. Hmu if you want to buy them.

  27. Leon is shown to be an ass lol. Poor Annette.

  28. Wish Claire was a bit… Thicker…

  29. damn I remember having that comic book. I wish I'd kept it but my mother made me get rid of all of my physical comics for a really stupid reason LOL. It was violent and she was on some crazy religious kick when this happenedso unfortunately I lost a shitload of my comics and trading cards and original stuff that would probably work be worth a lot of money right now

  30. I still have these in storage somwhere in the house, I'd love to see them get a re-release in trade form

  31. lmfao

  32. Where we can read the re2 webcomic

  33. This version of Resident Evil 2, made my blood go cold in a good way. Your Resident Evil Content on here, es muy bueno.

  34. i have it, I have the last two pages as well, I have all 5 of the original comics plus the 2 web comics fully done, I use to go to the library in my town after going to the game store and I would print them off after going to the game store. I dug through my stuff after seeing your first video and found the complete orignal webcomic sets part 1 and 2 along with my normal comics, and because of you I found an unopen copy of RE 1, 2, and 3 I must have bought in 1999 for collecting but I never opened it.

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