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The Mermaids
MJ. Negueruela
Stefan Petrucha
David Lorenzo
Kris Renkewitz

Produced by Adam Post

There has been a bit of controversy over Adam Posts crowdfunded productions and I go over his latest one in this video.

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Unqualified Comics

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  1. Thank you for supporting THE MERMAIDS and taking the time to review and read the book!

    THE MERMAIDS is not a webcomic, and it's never been published as a webcomic. I did not purchase the rights to THE MERMAIDS, I created it and the original story was 100% mine. I give myself only "created by" credit because what we (me, two writers and my editor) ultimately turned it into is something I wanted to give full credit to the team for. I have plenty of credit on this (anything I create my name is always on the top) and it means a lot to creators to get credit for their work and they deserve it. My editor is uncredited because he requested it because of his full time work with another comics publisher.

    I know you didn't know but I didn't rename THE MERMAIDS, my editor suggested we name it that as it was more iconic than my MERMAIDS AT WAR title.

    This is a virgin cover. There are two covers we did as virgin covers, two with logos. Gerry's art really has to be a virgin cover or you lose something amazing about his borders and design.

    What Kris did on these layouts is incredible and realistically not something that can be repeated. Kris is a professional animator/producer and an old friend who did me a huge favor. I'm not sure Kris would take on doing this kind of thing for anyone, but he's a great guy and you never know.

    The reformatting of the pages from six panel layouts to dynamic layouts was on the suggestion of DAN FRAGA and BILLY TUCCI– two amazing artists who thought it would look great that way. I was skeptical because it was unknown how much work it would be, and it's not what we initially promised when we launched but when Kris Renkewitz an old friend offered to work with me on it, I had to try it.

    Kris likes this effect, its a deliberate blurring, not part of the original art. Kris did it to show motion. I was OK with it once. I love how the whole thing came out.

    Kris did it all (I helped a little, he can tell you)

    I love David's facial expressions, and Gerry's as well. All of these characters look like real, and different people. This was important to me, but it's the artists who made it happen.

    I created THE MERMAIDS and hired my editor to help me translate my story to comic book script and sequential art. I gave instructions to have character designs, steered the translation of my concept to completion and paid for all of their work on my project.

    I didn't repackage someone else's work. MJ and Stefan didn't do this on their own, they did it as an assignment to work on my idea and my story. I put this together with a professional team based on my idea and my story and paid people to do it to get back into making comics. It really wasn't smart. I created this without a deadline, without a final budget and paid much more money out than I got back. Also I would not recommend reformatting work once it's complete. It's always more work to do a new production process than you think it will be but I did it because people I respect suggested it and Kris Renkewitz is an amazing talent.

    This is a problem but it's something we are stuck with until we can make the numbers work at lower prices and lower or even free shipping. This is important and we should figure out how to do it together.

    No. I never planned THE MERMADIS to be a webcomic and it is not a webcomic. I did want to use individual panels to build an audience we could sell the print versions of. There was no CG back then in 2013 to build an audience. A few of the individual panels made it up on social media sites (facebook, twitter, tumblr) as I was first working on it to help promote it back before there was a comicsgate– about a dozen or so panels, there still is a page up on facebook– its not the whole book or even 25% of it, it's a few panels.

    When I started on THE MERMAIDS it was 2012 and an old Marvel Comics editor friend of mine kept pushing me when we had dinner every week to start publishing again. My concept was to do the book titled MERMAIDS AT WAR and to showcase waring factions in a game of thrones with mermaids style book. I delayed doing it for months because really there was no way I could see distributing the book. There was no comicsgate and even kickstarter wasn't much of a realistic channel. I started on it anyway because I wanted to get back into comics. I hired my marvel editor friend to take my story ideas and work with a writer to convert what I had into a workable comic book script.

    THE FIRST MERMAIDS PAGES WERE SEQUENTIAL ART…. it didn't look right and we needed a new artist for interiors:
    We actually started the book as a typical dynamic sequential art storytelling project, with Gerry (who did the great pinups) doing pages, we got about five pages in, but the pencils just didn't look right for the project so I asked Gerry to go back to doing character designs for us. After a few months I came across an actual webcomic that did amazingly well on kickstarter called Ava's Demon. This book was promoted by her website publishing one panel or so at a time. It did like $200k on kickstarter.
    The artist was able to publish the book after developing a following on her website. This was unique and made sense. If it was planned properly a single panel could be published one panel at a time on social media, with the hopes of going viral and building an audience when you collect the digital into a print book– which if the panels are uniform could be 2 panels per page or 6 panels per page or more. There is zero point to doing a webcomic unless you can collect it into print when I started on this years ago.

    Thanks again for your support as a backer and for taking the time to review and comment sincerely on the work in this book. This book took a ton of time, money and creativity by plenty of people to finally come to fruition. Keep up the good work. Let me know if you have any questions about this or any other projects twitter: @comicswelove or [email protected]



  2. Yea this was sketchy AF. Thanks to the farms for discovering this. Adam post should have been more honest from the start.

  3. Hey Dan….Congrats on passing 500 subs!

  4. Never let Dan borrow your Mint copy issues.

  5. I do watch your College of the Dead Comic Review video, i can say the comic look good but i hope the creator College of the Dead continue this series later in the future

  6. Sounds like it should have said "PUBLISHED BY" instead of created by.

  7. I didn't think that after reading Pandemic something would make cringe more, but Mermaids did. Sure, it's more pages, but all these "Adam Posts" written everywhere… This guy seems to live in some other world distant from ours where there's no such words as shame or self-awareness. "Adam Post's Mermaids"… I'm trying really hard not to swear. This comic wasn't made by you, only repackaged. Respect the authors of source material, your disrespect doesn't make you more money.

    Few words were said about the story. I guess it's not that interesting. Well, at least it's available to anyone for free.

  8. that is pretty awesome comic review The Mermaids, just asking what is College of the Dead 🤔 i interesting to know more about that comic @UnqualifiedComics

  9. So support good business practices.

  10. Royal Court drama but mermaids? Nah, but good review though!

  11. The problem is the dishonesty. I never heard him once say his books were repackaged webcomics when promoting them on EVS. He always sold them as his original creations from what I remember.

  12. I love how he's put his name like six times on page one. Adam Post's The Mermaids. Created by Adam Post. Adam Post Media, copyright Adam Post, lmao. And the even funnier thing is that this is supposed to be a CG book, I mean it IS a CG book. But you look at the way CG is demonized by the mainstream, and then you look at their comics – Mermaids and magical cats and rainbow fairies. It's pure comedy. It's such a farce. The hype for CG is underground, indie, rebellious and cool. But the reality is their comics are tame, lame, would-be corporate comics.

  13. I agree…..I see no problem offering a web comic in a new format for different customers.

    I've read some of the web comics on the Arktoon website that Chuck Dixon is working with, but I just can't get into groove of checking a website weekly for new chapters, or navigating backwards to pull up each chapter individually if I wait a few weeks. It's simply not as enjoyable to me. If those were bundled up eventually, and sold at a reasonable price, I'd definitely grab a few books.

  14. Algorithm wussup

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