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The One Above All Revealed / One Punch Man Web Comic Chapter 137

The true leader of the Neo Heroes is revealed in One Punch Man web comic chapter 137

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One Punch Man – Web Comic – Chapter 137 – Chapter 134 – Metal Bat – Saitama – Blast – Blue – Tatsumaki – The One Above All – Neo Heroes – Leader – Shibabawa – Fuzzy

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40 Bình luận

  1. What is one punch man connection to the one above all in marvel

  2. Jesus Christ I leave for months to come back and you did a fucking face reveal and now also making videos with you in them. WTF happened?!?!

  3. I think the reason psykos wouldn’t reveal what she saw with her third eye is because she’d face the same “confiscation” that homeless empower faced the moment he brought up the name “god”

  4. I believe in my opinion that fuzzy will be a future enemy of tatsumaki if your theory is true and that they have a civil war, sincw fuzzy is a esper himself. However we dont know what he's capable of yet.

  5. One above all? wtf that's a marvel reference

  6. What do you think about blue and blasts eyes being the same? why do you think that is? Is blast also tied to the organization? Thanks for all the time you spend to make your videos. Your theories are always based in logic

  7. I want them to put saitama in class s already lol

  8. correct me if i'm wrong but sometimes these kind of power creep in new characters don't make sense.

  9. Loving the channel. Ever since I joined. You're going places bro!

  10. I'm here for the Marvel crossover 8:24

  11. Marvel created one above all.mha and opm have some similar things going on here.i mean I know that the creater have mha is a huge fan of marvel.

  12. i wonder if he's working with god
    we saw Psykos in these new chapters in her mind, in the same field that homeless emperor was in when he lost his powers

  13. Starting to think Blast is a cyborg like blue

  14. Mr.Fuzzy=Master Limbad from Indonesian

  15. Where do you guys find the webcomic?

  16. Not gonna lie … One could tell me bed time stories for life lol…

  17. can i ask for a link where can i read this manga?
    is this related to the one punch man where blast has shown himself?

  18. Bro, please buy some decent lights.

  19. Please keep your Audio the same…
    Besides that keep up your great content 😉

  20. Metal Bat needs a more tougher Bat

  21. I feel like OPM has started to become like DBZ….
    It's becoming too much to take 🤦

  22. Can't wait for the megaman arc :3

  23. I'm so damn confused. I'm on chapter 138 on the manga. Why is it so different where can I read the rest of the manga?

  24. I don't know, this seemed more like Fuzzy showing up to stop Blue from finding out what they were doing, with the whole 'they must have misinterpreted my orders' being very 'wink wink nudge nudge'.

  25. Metal bat would have won with his original bat. He's fought all types of monsters, never before it broke like this.

  26. Metal Bat

  27. you grow really fast o.o
    congrat :3

  28. Metal Bat from OPM & Tenga Onigawara from MP100 are top tier Good Boys💯😍🤘

  29. Oh no! They wanted to turn Metal Bat into METAL BAT!

  30. If Metal Bat becomes a cyborg, is he going to have a metal butt? Ok I'm out.

  31. I JUST NEED MORE! THIS SERIES IS SO AMAZING. I am so thankful for this channel.😭😭

  32. Garou used his fingers to block the bat

  33. bruh I kinda hoped for an omnipotent character
    you know, like The One Above All from Marvel

  34. Please not using clickbait title, Zhoninn.

  35. Wait, is there gonna be a Stan Lee cameo?!

  36. The way Blue is something tells me he’s not the Neo Heroes top fighter. He’s too nice to be their last line of defense, he’s being manipulated into thinking he’s their #1 guy but it someone more powerful than him in the Neos.

  37. I was thinking how hero association recruited king….

    King: wondering around a gaming store to buy a game… but he has no money.
    Hero association guys: Hey, it's him….yeah it looks like him….ok let's go…oh he is going…. follow him guys.
    King reaching his residence….
    Hero association guys: umm sir, excuse me..
    King: (are they talking to me)……….yeah what is it…
    HO guys: sir we would like to have you as a professional hero…….you don't need to worry…you will directly be promoted to s class.
    King : wtf…s class! Hero!…..but I'm weak as hell…how can I be a hero …not to mention s class….. the hell I'm gonna die…
    HO guys: are you thinking something sir…….btw HO will pay you as much as you want…you don't need to worry about salary….and there are other facilities and……
    King : Money…..so I'll get a salary….but my power…….
    HO guys : don't worry sir….you don't need to reveal your powers ……and please take this phone…. with this HO will contact you and give you info about monster location…..
    King : eh…phone …..but hero …..
    HO guys : oh yes…hero name…… sir do you have any name you'd like as a hero name…..
    King: hero name! My name is King…..
    HO : well king is a really great name…… thank you sir….our higher-ups will contact you soon…..have a good day sir
    King: eh …..hey wait….
    Ho : damn that was frightening…… good thing we did it without any trouble…..yeah ….let's go…..

  38. Ok I finished season 2 of opm so can you guys fill me in up to here

  39. blast is an alien change my mind it's ethier that or he's part alien for all we know he could be a raise of human like aliens that exist on another planet that got destroyed by boroses people blast has similar powers and we don't know how old boros is or how old his species can get? potentially boros is immortal age wise since he uses pure energy and if not he atleast gas a very very very very long lifespan and doesn't die from ageing as you'd normally do sort of like how a croc dies because he gets to big. Boros is a conquror of planets so what if he came across a planet of esperlike aliens that were so powerful they make gyogunshoop look like a novice. Blast got away somehow maybe he was sent away by his parents and ended up on earth or something god saw blast as a threat so he used his omniscent power ability to send a vision tothe fortune teller boros met with in order to lure the one thing that might be able to get rid of him and maybe make boros his champion but he never arrived.

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