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The Oscars Moment that Shocked the World, Biden Says Putin Cannot Remain in Power | The Tonight Show

Jimmy addresses the dramatic night at the Oscars and Biden going off script during a speech in Poland.

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The Oscars Moment that Shocked the World, Biden Says Putin Cannot Remain in Power | The Tonight Show


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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

42 Bình luận

  1. What a waste of time!!! What a waste of a video!
    It seemed that Fallon DELIBERATELY failed to mention the Will Smith – Chris Rock fiasco with any more detail than calling it "the incident" and then, after finishing his opening monologue, sat at his desk returned to talking about the Oscars (still dodging the main talking point) and started to blather on about his own feelings about Questlove getting an Oscar. Quite pathetic really! Is this what it is usually like???

  2. You know why Will slapped him with an open hand..? Because paper beats rock.!!!

  3. Needs better writers

  4. * If Mike Tyson and wife was present instead of W/S would Criss place the same joke?🤔All media professionals should be aware and responsible how to behave verbally and use their power in terms of verbal respect, moral and style attitude….you can not offend a un-health person which is facing in general hard time….. In a civil world the academy organization should establish rules and penalties to all addressed so all aware and no monkey business.
    * This said Will should be banned for ever from the awards and Criss should be fined and addressed with severe responsibility advice so this may not happen again in the future trough out all presenters….and guest…..

  5. Why wasn't the great drummer not there on the Jimmy Fallon show?? Is he OK?

  6. Thank you Jimmy for celebrating Questlove. He had his thunder & big day stolen from him, so let's give all the love we can to Questlove!

  7. Will's true colors are on the news. Thankgod by the time we all came to know how much of a manipulative he is. Trust me guys Will smiths supporters and fans has turned the tables by the way he showed he couldn't take a single joke at the oscar. Okay we understand that family is important & we will stand for our family no matter what. But a comedian who was there for hosting to make oscars a fun night will obviously do lame jokes. What did will smith even thought? (Will smith) He might have thought by slapping a chris rock because of his jokes about his wife jada could make people think that his act was heroic & believe that he stands for his loved ones but will smith doesn't know how shameless his act was. 'Cause first he laughed at the joke about jada the same jada who is his wife & later immediately when jada rolls her eyes and gives an impression then only he goes to slap chris & even says to keep his wife name out his fucking mouth. Jada is a human before his wife, she could've stand for herself she could've also immeditely backfire with same kinda lame jokes about him infront of everyone and that this would be equal but will smith has something else to show here. Everyone has their own perceptive about this drama So in my eyes Haha That slap hurts more than a joke. Watch out smiths you guys better work on your family matters. ⚠️

  8. Congrats to Questlove winning the Oscar for best feature documentary of Summer of Soul. I had a pretty good strong hunch that he would get this under the bag. It's disheartening and disappointing that his shining moment got stolen due to the outstanding outbreak outburst by the slap heard around the world which in my opinion that the academy administration will lead to further investigation on this matter, Other than that thank Jimmy Fallon for giving him the honor to speak on his behalf instead of Will's antics. I know there's no redos in special events like the Oscar's which is a once in a lifetime, but I believe there should be a special spinoff only special for Oscar winners so they can speak their mind and who they want to thank to re correctly so it won't be any errors like what took place on Sunday Night. That incident was uncalled for and disrespectful. Thank you Jimmy for celebrating Questlove like he felt welcome and comfortable on his shining moment.

  9. You ate the best !! ❤❤❤❤

  10. @jimmy Fallon you also should be hosting the oscar ❤️❤️

  11. I thought he would have spoken out in support of Chris Rock too especially since he’s a comedian too. 🤔 Very Interesting to see how he avoided addressing what Will Smith did directly.

  12. Jimmy completely skipped mentioning his pal Will Smith assaulted someone on stage.. I like Will Smith too but if your monologue is supposed to remain relevant you have to at least acknowledge the elephant in the room..

  13. Best monologue of the night!! Thank you for staying classy Jimmy

  14. Maybe next year they should consider Jim Gaffigan for the Oscars presentation.
    He is a clean comedian and doesn’t make fun of people ro behave as a bully.

  15. Lost all respect for Will Smith!

  16. Jimmy any kind of suport for Chris? no…hmmm

  17. The ONLY take you need of this is either from Andrew Schulz or the Brilliant Idiots

  18. Arrest Will Smith …!
    It is such a disgrace. How would anyone condemned Putin for violence while the academy publicly welcome violence 🤔 .

  19. That was extremely skillful to do the whole monologue without directly mentioning the incident.

  20. Why is Jimmy not addressing the elephant in the room. So frustrating. Clearly he wants to be in Hollywood good books.

  21. why is everybody talking about timothy chalamet's outfit instead of the fact that he obviously hasn't eaten in like 3 months. .he looks like death.

  22. What I like is that Jimmy Fallon was giving time to those whose time was stolen from them- Questlove, the three female hosts, the exclusion of an award for best editing, Timothy’s gorgeous look at the Oscars.

  23. Vlady should be "put in" the can.

  24. This guy is about as funny root canal surgery, must be an american thing.

  25. Take away the Oscar. Harvey and Roman didn’t assault someone on the Oscar stage. Their personal lives has nothing to do with the Oscars, just like Will can have drama in his life, but would have nothing to do with the Oscars.

  26. Love 💗 Jimmy for this… thank you 😊

  27. LOL. I love Jimmy’s perspective!

  28. That’s your coverage of what happened Fallon?! It was a good show…….it was awesome?! As Chris said…….wow……

  29. Thank you for focusing on the positive highlights of the night – Oscar 2022!


  31. Since when did Jimmy Kimmel became a Political Show? I thought it was for interviewing celebrities…

  32. No one will remember quest love because of Will the Thrill.

  33. Good job don't choose a side…. Your the best!!❤️✌️😇

  34. What an emotional moment, talking about love, respecting and protecting people by slapping them in the face… What a way to shine light after God supposedly call on him what to do!! Well, that is the first and last Oscar that dude gets, and the start of his ending career. What a stupid speech! Also what amazed me is the support the aggressor got from a lot of people at the ceremony. Sincerely, I never would have known about Chris's joke, Jada's hair loss and Jada sleeping with their son's friends if Will hadn't made such a global spectacle. It is obvious, being smart isn't a requirement to work for Hollywood…

  35. Such a pusdy ass dont Even have the decency to fuckin pronounce about the slap, always sucking fallon

  36. Who??? Have streamed an extreme amount of videos from all platforms in the past two years – never heard of this person.

  37. . . . Beyoncè is ruining award shows for EVERYONE . . . she's there, Kanye flips, she's there Will Smith flips . . .

  38. YES QUEST!!!!!

  39. In Bad Boys 2, What ‘Marcus’ said was right back then 😅 – ‘..anger issue problems.. ‘ ‘captain making him to go to his therapist..’ it’s all real 👌🏻😅😅

  40. How many chicken nuggets did that woman eat? You can’t just leave us hanging like that, come on man

  41. I love how Jimmy celebrated Quest like that. He's such a good friend.

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