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The Top 5 Most CRINGE Moments In SJW Corporate Comics!

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Jon Del Arroz

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  1. There's a comic in manga style by a German artist about the Franklin expedition (from 2014 or 2015), and she had Hillary as POTUS in one of the final panels where she went on about other ships that went searching for Franklin and how the Resolute desk came to be.

    It was hilarious.

  2. Everything SJW's do is cringe.

  3. Incest is the new thing being pushed, I called it during Game Thrones and people called me crazy but just like they did with gay stuff in the 90s, they are slowly working incest or suggestion of incest into more and more media franchises.

    They are being smart about it and starting small with stuff like that cover and making Iris Barry's step sister on The Flash, they are playing a long game but their end goal is to make incest legal and accepted in the next decade or so, using stuff like this.

  4. Bobby isn't gay, he was brainwashed by Jean Grey who may now be the biggest villain in the history of comics now.

  5. Are they gay, bipoc, fat, disabled, or (fill in the blank)? Maybe, and that wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t ALL they were. The newfound SJW alignment leaves otherwise multidimensional characters with but one motivation, to flash their woke badge at every opportunity. Comics are for entertainment and like good entertainment, may likely contain a poignant message, but a lecture??? Who the hell wants that??

  6. The Sexual revolution was a mistake.

  7. This list proves that we have to stop white women.

  8. I wouldn't say it's fanfiction since these mofos clearly hate the material they've been commissioned to write, and are just smearing their ideology and their kinks all over it as if it was graffitti.

  9. Yeah, SJWs are a huge cringe. I can't wait when Deus Vult comes to my doorstep. The art style is fantastic. I love it.

  10. The MODOK show that aired on Hulu recently was really good and fun. MODAAK sounds amazing and I would welcome him as Emperor of the USA.

  11. Snowflake and Safespace: Twin-cest.

  12. Too bad I would be an Istaphobic Toxic Disabled White Man if I gave Vaginal Commiecs my Time and Money, that would imply that they need me if I did.

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