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The Two Gods of One Punch Man

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The One punch man Manga revealed a New Monster God that seems to be hiding on or inside the moon, while a 2nd god is deep within the Earth.

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  2. theyre a deity that fights each other

  3. There is more gods,the supreme ones is very powerful.

  4. Maybe these gods are like celestials from marvel universe and earth and moon are one of them

  5. I think vaccine man wasnt wrong

  6. I don't know is the god in one punch man clearly but one thing i can say for sure is Saitama is still going to be bored and undefeatable

  7. i have not kept up with opm in awhile but very impressed that they keep expanding the world is the best ways cant wait to catch up.

  8. Are these gods like the celestial from marvel

  9. Does everybody forget during Saitama's test in Heroes Association a santa clause looking old fart said that Saitama's physique seems like there's a "god" residing in his body?

  10. two gods one man

  11. I am intrigued on god's plot and god's purpose and goal.. Can't wait to see that

  12. If earth is a living organism and is capable of granting power maybe said earth made a deal with the cube god? Able to act as an avatar outside of the cube sealing.

  13. What if madam shibabawas theory was not meant for boros (I mean he didn't mean boros because she said 6months from now so)
    Or when the alien said boros will fight a strong man it's meant for blast since it's 20 years ago and Saitama was 3 by that time

  14. Mabye he need to transfer his power to others to manifest himself physically basically just a loop hole in his imprisonment by letting little amounts of himself out at a time idk just something I made up

  15. Saitama vs Goku
    Who will win

  16. Guy.

  17. At the end if saitama manages to defeat God then would it mean that he's blessed by the God to overpower the God?

  18. God gave OPM his powers when god dies saitama will lose his powers as it happened in the webcomic

    .A GOD

  20. Or some random god took control of it and just control the earth by draining its power and making the people strong to eliminate there own planet by destroying it for no reason

  21. This is giving me moon cell and gaia vibes from fate.

  22. The two gods are the fly and saitama

  23. if these are just different kinds of gods, i would really want to know whos the creator of them or if we will see the true God of this universe such as the one above all in marvel.

  24. there is already info on god
    they are visitors
    and there are more of them
    they visit planets but not known for what purpose

  25. I wanna figure out why they won’t just put it in an episode on Netflix or Hulu

  26. i think god is inside saitama

  27. ok, opm couldnt get any weird

  28. They are Gods of the monsters, they created monsters to wipe out human. Vaccine man is not related to Murata story, because Vaccine man was created by One as a parody to Parasyte and DBZ. I think the Monsters Gods realized the potential of human (limiter), and were afraid of what human could become, so they created monsters to wipe out potential future threats to their existence (similar to the story of Cronus). In effects, the Gods of monsters help Saitama remove his limiter (other heroes can only break their limiter like Goku and Vegeta, not completely removed like Saitama), and that is why Saitama power is infinite because he removed his limiter completely. Saitama is the one who the Gods were trying to stop from happening… out of fear, they had created their own demise.

  29. I really hope they find out how strong saitama is

  30. The show clearly saying that the hero’s are just another monsters in human form and maybe who ever controlling the hero association is aware of this and they just managing the situation and delaying humanity destruction withers by monsters or heros!!!! Maybe those two entities are board and want to have fun and the side show that is HUMANITY is the toys or victims

  31. Hold up one second didn't sitemama wish to fight someone who is able to live past one attack now there are 3 people who have survived a hit from one punch man that's buoros and the hero killer and blast and from what I'm putting together is well what if god made Saitama for the soul reason to free him self from what ever prison that can hold well god hence why only he was the first person to break their limiter oh and buoros wanted a worthy opponent that being saitama coincidence I THINK NOT

  32. honestly lets be honest at this point we all wanna see saitama vs blast

  33. god needs a scrafice to manifest his physical form in their universe
    it was only projections homeless emporer was seeing, just illusions
    god can grant power to people to do his bidding, he gains manipulative control over them (psykos)
    however god cant use his own full powers as he's trapped in another dimension or something
    cubes allow for people to communicate with god directly (a link, to his dimension), however god can communicate with people when he wants through their mind
    still think it was only one we saw here
    what do you think

  34. they're the same

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