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The Weird Side of the Internet | Episode 7: Bad Web Comics

Logan unveils some of the internet’s cringiest web comics!

Tails Gets Trolled:
Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff:

Charles Mansion – The Big Laugh
Look at All Those Chickens:


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  1. True dat Big Bang theory is cringe

  2. Bruh tails get trolled is the best comic

  3. ohh how this aged

  4. "were gonna be doing an entire other episode on chris chan"

    so that was a fucking lie

  5. Tails gets trolled is based.

  6. have you heard of fucking assigned male
    cause that is a wild fucking ride

  7. Tails Gets Trolled isn't Bad.

  8. Let me tell you about SBaHJ… also Homestuck… and Homosuck.

  9. Soniuchu vs Tails Gets Trolled

  10. | |I
    || |_

  11. I remember this series

  12. There’s a horrible obscure comic called “Peter Is The Wolf”, a comic where 80 percent of the characters are people whose name you literally forget because of how useless they are, the plot doesn’t get going until 100 hundred pages in, the story is half baked, at one point in the story(if you can call it that) where the main characters literally go “So people only read this comic because they’re furries and wanted something to jerk off to”, somewhere along those lines, and while there is a new artist the old artist’ art often alternates between horrible and good. Like whatever it took to get his check. I was able to get through 400-600 pages of that crap, I couldn’t get past the first 5 pages of Homestuck.

  13. Where's that Chris Chan video Logan


  14. why has noone done a video about cad yet wtf

  15. Chaos is from Sonic Adventure.

  16. Shit explanation of Sonichu.

  17. Haha yeah..
    I, a homestuck, recognize that homestuck can be really fucking dumb.
    But, eh. I'd say to give it another chance, don't have to though shrug

  18. Disliked for dissing SBAHJ

  19. Thanks for the black one is a little more than I can say is that I have to go to the base of the game and I will be there at 17 the ideal time to get a new one and I will be there at 17 the ideal time to get a new one and I will be there at 17 the ideal time to get a new one and I will be there at 17 a truck and can you guys please the ideal accuser the game on Saturday so repeatedly and you guys because you don't know the letters are not in your car or a little before a bit more channels charollete and I will be there at 17 the ideal candidate and he is going the extra mile for the ideal accuser I was just in your all good just me but not the same person that pays your day special day with the ideal accuser I was just thinking that pays the game on Saturday morning I was in your all set to get it wierd seeing the same person that pays your day is good and the game on the way to work I was seeing you and your all good here and there but not as good he uses it for you and your all I have to say that pays for it and it is not as good as the first one and the other I was just thinking that if it got lost and I will show the house and the game on Sunday I was seeing if it was a dildo the story of my life and the ideal time to go to work and

  20. Jontron rip off

  21. SBAHJ was the only part I cared about tbh

    Oh look Sonichu

  22. i think sonichu had a homestuck thing


  24. Hey, When's my fucking Chris Chan episode, Logan?

  25. you were joking about homestuck being dumb right

  26. i once found tails gets trolled on a porn site

  27. >tails gets trolled

  28. Charlie Manson came out with a new song?

  29. don't even think about homestuck being dumb >:(

  30. that was a halfwat decent Mojo Jojo impression

  31. The dramatic reader sounds like Mojo Jojo

  32. wait why are you complaining about blatant ripoffs of stuff
    if you are a blatant ripoff of Angry Video Game Nerds

  33. CANWC is the best web comic. You are insane if you think otherwise. Jhon is the greatest character with the best development. Even though Roze is a boring party.

  34. im a homestucker and proud


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