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  1. A good series of videos to watch. Thank you for making this available! 🙂

  2. @teflonjack Hey there, I'm a grad student in Finland and am currently gathering material for my thesis which might be about webcomics. I would love to read your thesis, is there any way to access it? A quick search gave me nothing.

  3. @Ograr He hasn't yet. I hope that his lack of a cease and desist order means that he doesn't hate it. In theory it's a bunch of free advertising for him to people that would probably never have seen his work before.

  4. @Shavarnarak First off, they don't give me a PhD, I earn one through a lot of reading and academic writing. The PhD is in English Literature and I focus on something, most likely webcomics. A good PhD can give you a job as a professor somewhere and that's what I'm aiming at. I am not analyzing the quality of webcomics (seriously most of them suck), I am looking at how they express narrative as time goes on. Many of these webcomics, don't fit within my academic framework per se but some are good.

  5. Very nice, very interesting! What did mr Burlew say about all this, if you're at liberty to say?

  6. @Zelthax Thank you sir and/or madam. Just started my PhD so I will try to expand my rresearch even further. Spread the word to your friends. The Internet must know!

  7. This is an excellent analysis of microserialized webcomics. I hope that your thesis will pave the way for even further study of this medium.

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