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This Gutenberg Block Theme is the future of WordPress

How this small but mighty Gutenberg Block Theme will change WordPress.

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0:00 – Intro
0:35 – The Wabi Theme
0:45 – What makes the Wabi Theme special
1:15 – Global Style Variations
3:00 – Post Accent Colours
4:10 – Theme Builder
5:25 – Block Patterns
6:25 – Block Themes are fast
7:30 – A cheats way to cut out images
9:30 – Cats cameo

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Jamie Marsland

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  1. Super helpful information, thanks! PS If you use a mac, the native 'Preview' has an incredibly powerful toolbar buried within it, that you can use to get awesome cut-outs 😉 It's ancient but powerful! Open an image using preview, go to view, select 'show markup toolbar', then use the second tool, magic wand 'instant alpha' and play about with it. Select parts of the image, and delete them – you get wild cutouts with great control.

  2. i started using this for one site thanks to you. i'm also understanding FSE more by watching (and re-watching) our videos. one problem i'm finding, and lots of other people seem to share this frustration: we are stuck with whatever fonts are provided with the theme. and frankly, that ain't much. apparently if i were coding-savvy & knew how to hack themese.json (and where to upload the right kind of font file), then i could do this. but that's not me, and it's not a lot of people.
    is it possible to add more fonts? the old plugins don't seem to work (OMGF, Custom Fonts, etc). are we stuck with a single sans serif until the WP developers decide they will allow us more? (i understand there are google-related issues thanks to the EU, but honestly….)
    thanks in advance, i hope!

  3. Hey Jamie, I was just wondering why none of the biggest Themes for WP have FSE, except for the WP 2022 Theme? Is the pace of WP change coming too fast or do the developers see FSE as negatively affecting their ability to make as much money? I thought I would ask you because you are also a developer.

  4. Uh one thing def lacking is modern dynamic and engaging on scroll content and style. It just looks like a bland boring template. Just saying.

  5. They should make us able to select one color pallette for light mode and one color pallette for dark mode and a dark/light mode toggle block should be integrated. Mega menu is another important feature which is lacking.
    Gutenberg's current state is not reliable as it lacks very basic and important features.

  6. Hi Jamie. Can I use WooCommerce with any FSE theme? Also with Wabi?

  7. Guttenberg and WP newly implemented site frontend editor has a long way to go before I consider using it for any type of web development.

  8. Great vid Jamie TY. Yes, I'll vote for training vids 👍

  9. This theme looks great, thx Mr Dr House of WordPress 😄

  10. I've decided to go all In with Full site editing. I built a site using just template parts. Which is great for easily updating content across your full site. I have struggled to dynamically pull in ACF content though, Especially images. I'm sure there's a way, but I haven't found it yet.

    I also found yoast couldn't use the template parts to calculate the seo content.

  11. Jamie your cats have got to be very fat because of all the likes I give your videos

  12. Really good content!

  13. So, I'm testing this Wabi-Sabi theme (great name) and
    First Contentful Paint is 1.7 s
    Largest Contentful Paint
    is 2.6 s

    The Hello theme
    First Contentful Paint is 2.3 s
    Largest Contentful Paint
    is 2.3 s

    I have found this to be consistent with all FSE themes. They are faster to first paint, but then take a long time to load the largest paint and it gets progressively worse on more complex pages, compared to a regular, super-lite theme.

    Any idea why this is happening and if there's a way to reduce the LCP?

    Thank you for the great vid and info

  14. Hi
    How can I show my Google drive in my WordPress page. So any one can click on image and can download that image.

  15. dear Jamie as usual a great video: 💕 your are a great Tech-Evangelist for all things Gutenberg. I can't thank you enough. Thank you so much for bringing so much value to us all and to the global WordPress-community. Awesome 👍🏻 🙏🙏🙏😊👍🏻

  16. Hey Jamie…Thanks for providing the latest cutting edge info on FSE. I've used various builders and themes. But I began seeing the handwriting on the wall with Blocks and wanted to stay on top of the future of web site building. However, I couldn't find anybody that was really consistent with the info…until I ran across your tutorials. So appreciative. Thanks, again.

  17. Cool idea with the training website!

  18. Thanks for giving Wabi a look-over. You're a champ Jamie!

  19. Do you think now there will be no market for themes, as now anyone can create theme in FSE, I'm a developer, was learning conventional way of making themes by code, now it seems I wasted my time, I dont know if should I continue to learn to develop theme, very confusing time fr me…

  20. Best woocommerce theme according to you, for selling Un-stitched fabric?

  21. Wonderful tutorials!

    I'm trying to move from Elementor to the built-in WP new Editor.

    1. Can you please show how to get rid of the title / name of the page), for example: "About Us" so it won't appear?

    2. Also how to make the Header & Footer transparent so they will sitting above the website background and not with a blank color?

    In Elementor these things are pretty much automatically out of the box, but in the new WP Editor, maybe there are some free plugins needed?

    Thanks ahead!

  22. Really appreciate your content. Thanks.

  23. My cats also get a treat when I hit the like button on your videos. They are getting to big now. Great tutorial. You make it seem so easy to work with Gutenberg.

  24. Thanks Great Job

  25. Love the test site

  26. Awesome Job. Thank you-

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