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  1. That's it! That's the bright coloring that I've been looking for. Which program did you use? Photoshop or Illustrator?

  2. how is name of the program

  3. let me see the characters

  4. u know anyplace that teaches you how to do stuff like dis? i am ok at drawing but i want to go to the next level

  5. @emcholinho That is basically what I said in this tutorial, but I think the way I explaned it makes it easier yet. Color in the area you want to mask with your base color without evenusing a mask, then magic wand that color, and hit the mask button in the layer menu. Vwalaa! It does the black fill automatically and keeps your selection white on the mask. We are probably saying the same thing 🙂 Great minds think alike my friend!

  6. Hey Tim.
    I didn't atcually understand you 100% of your base coloring tutorial.Maybe it's too complicated or it's just me because english is not my first language.Is it OK if I share you mine tehnique and you can compare it in your next video?
    So I use masks too.When I do my line art I create a new layer and put it below my line art.Fill it with color and add mask and fill with black.I go back on my line art and with magic wand I select areas and expand it by 2.And I unmask it.Quick and simple 🙂

  7. @siimkid Now your talkin'! ^_^

  8. thanks so much for sharing this with us ! :]

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