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  1. that’s so weird I just started doing my bubbles while I listen

  2. What program do you use

  3. I've been bingeing your vids in preparing my own webcomic, and i'm learning so much! I think another way to word "unless you have a really good reason" is know the rules before you break them. like the don't make your letters different sizes and make them weird rule, definitely follow it! but sometimes that can work, and you'll usually know when it'll work after you have a lot of experience with lettering comics (like the Sandman comics, that where Delirium especially has funny formatted text, and it works for her because the letterer hd years of experience at that point, and knew how to not make it unreadable and tacky).

  4. On Webtoon, the bubbles are in the gutter quite a bit, it that ok?

  5. question: would using a black bubble with white font for only members of a certain species/one character when everyone else speaks with white bubble and black text be tacky or advisable?

  6. "And don't use comic sans"… Wise words lol. My graphic design professor stressed this in our first class haha I've read a web comic that had characters with differently colored hair for each if them ( pink, teal, orange, red, green, etc.,) Their words bubbles were each the same color as the hair of the character that was speaking. They pulled it off pretty well and it worked for that style.

    Your tip to get comic fonts was well received.

  7. Thank you answering my question! This was really helpful and I didn't know about the gutter thing and passage of time.

  8. I had no idea about the passage of time thing with the gutters.

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