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Top 10 Best Fantasy Webcomics to Check Out

Top 10 Best Fantasy Webcomics to Check Out // Subscribe: // TIMESTAMPS BELOW
For this list, we’re looking at webcomics with not only a fantasy setting, but contain themes and tropes associated with fantasy genres such as supernatural creatures, magic, etc… We’re also looking at series whose fantasy setting is central to the story and vision of the comic, and not comedy webcomics set in a fantasy universe, as that is a different list entirely.

00:36 #10. “Last Blood” (2006-07)
01:13 #9. “A Redtail’s Dream” (2011-13)
01:46 #8. “Order of Tales” (2008-10)
02:23 #7. “Paranatural” (2011-)
02:55 #6. “The Phoenix Requiem” (2007-11)
03:32 #5. Emily Carroll’s Short Stories (2010-)
04:08 #4. “FreakAngels” (2008-11)
04:49 #3, #2 & #1: ???

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24 Bình luận

  1. Top 10 Erma Comics

  2. I wasn’t expecting much from these picks bc not a lot of webcomics I’ve seen match my taste. But halfway in & they’re all on a whole other level

  3. Drowtales is one of the best Webcomics I ever read

  4. Surprised nobody's asked this…. but I'm new to this art where can I read these all and more? Please and thank you

  5. just want to say the best web comic of all time is called the beginning after the end

  6. I see a lot of people say that no. 1 "Ava's demon" is really good, and I'm currently looking for inspiration to create a comic book myself, where can I find and read it?

  7. really, no shout out to unsounded? Pity…

  8. Im looking for this one webcomic about a student who wore a ring that can turn him into a monster he has red hair and teams up with a blonde haired girl with short hair

  9. Really unfair that Homestuck isn't on the list, like come on Homestuck, if not first, has to be second!!

  10. any recommendations for sci fi webcomics?

  11. A little late but the little crooked tale?

  12. Why isn’t Cucumber Quest on here?

  13. You should do a video about Otterly Human! I love their comics

  14. They forgot to add "Grimm's Edge".

  15. i dont agree with your picks

  16. What comic is the thumbnail from?

  17. Nothing seems to hit right like Out of Placers, although the community can be cringe at times

  18. hello, i’m searching for a webcomic or webtoon that there’s like a blonde girl and a boy with black hair, the comic it’s +18, i can’t find the name! i remember seeing it in an animation meme, help 🙁

  19. Where can I read ava's demon for free?

  20. Nothing can top Rice Boy universe, Order of Tales is rad and I want a T.O.E. shirt.

    A Redtail's Dream is ancient, Stand Still, Stay Silent is what that woman has worked on for the last 4 years and it's rad.

    How is there no mention of Sorcery101? It's got a grown man as a protagonist and immortality is costing him his children. It's just great writing.

  21. Im tryna read Appetite 🙁

    Anyone have links?

  22. Where out of placers nigga?!

  23. ¿Donde coño esta casa atascada?

  24. I found out about Ava's demons from Undertale. The artist submitted a drawing of the now known boss, Muffet, to Toby Fox and he made her drawing a real character in his game.

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