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Top 10 Best Manhwa With An Op MC That You Should Be Reading

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  1. Subscribe for Top 32 Best Overpowered MC Manhwa. https://youtu.be/31vaaYIOWgM

  2. The Boxer is a great one too.

  3. I love how he creates suspense and curiosity

  4. Thanks

  5. fun fact : ik every manhwa on the thumbnail

  6. Where i can read it?

  7. Sensei where can i read manga with colors and where do u usually reading manga?

  8. Now a days .. every manga i read have the same .. thread ..😖😖😖

  9. Anyone going to talk about how ”i am the sorcerer kind” is just a copy of “solo levelling”

  10. Mercenary enrollment is a good one it's a story about a mercenary who comes back to school after living as a mercenary for 10 years bc he was in a plane crash and survived when he was 9

  11. Solo leveling is my first manwha and I'm currently reading Vol 2 so now I'm looking for any other good ones

    The beginning after the end sounds kinda like Mushoku Tensei

  12. I dont know why people says that TBATE after the school arc gets bad. The weight of the responsibility Arthur has in the war arc is so massive that he needs to protect not only his family and friends but also find a way to stop/finish the war. The aether training arc Arthur is in now is amazing and you can see how little Arthur knows about the enemy and the Asura's. The war arc just shows even if how strong he became he still needs to get much much stronger for his family. Also the latest arc reveals that not only the Vritra's but also the grandfather of Sylvie(which is the strongest of all the Asura's) might be an enemy of Arthur.

  13. You may also want to check my video regarding manhwa recommendations similar to this one.

  14. Solo leveling is best

  15. Solo leveling is the greatest manhwa I've ever read!!

  16. Wind breaker belongs in top10 I think

  17. Idk for others but for me the unordinary drawing style is so bad its only my opinion others probably think its good animation (idk what to call the pacing style on manhwa) but the only reason why i dont read it is because of the animation on my province we call it like its gay style cuz on my province they think gay is like a coward or like scaredy cat or somthin like that

  18. It's a crime that the Breaker didn't make this list!

  19. 0:55 The last human
    1:45 Boss in School
    2:30 Virus girlfriend
    3:12 Solo-leveling
    4:22 I am the sorcerer king
    5:37 UnOrdinary (Webtoon)
    6:12 The beginning after the end
    7:01 Second life ranker
    7:52 The second coming of gluttony
    8:51 Noblesse

  20. rip solo leveling

  21. Im sure im not the only one who only depends on comments to find better suggestions as the actual video only covers popular manwas which I have already read (pretty much useless)

  22. I highly recommend " Nano Machine " & "Return to Player" . It's so good y'all. such a shame that no one's talking about this good manwha's

  23. Can you make a video of top korean manhwa? Like korean only. I cant really bring my self into liking chinese manhua no matter how hard I try. How they execute and make things really feels crappy to me. Not to mention theyre titles are cringe af

  24. Hate when manga is unfinished.

  25. If you do anime raps you should do something with rustage

  26. Nombre por favor, mame pliss

  27. I feel insulted that he did not put solo leveling on the top lol

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