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25 Bình luận

  1. (5:29–5:32)
    Me: They do now, but the cost is like $100 an hour.

  2. Random doom should be #1

  3. Cad wtf B^U loss.jpg

  4. They forgot homestuck

  5. I am ACTUALLY offended that homestuck wasn’t on this list. Not only does it parody games like the sims, but it parody’s popular tv shows and real life companies like Betty Crocker to tell a story. SMH

    Plus when I was looking up “homestuck top ten” this showed up so really that’s the majority of my anger rn

  6. homestuck : )

  7. The hell?
    Where's Homestuck? It literally takes place IN A VIDEO GAME MOST OF THE TIME

  8. sitting there and dying on the inside because theres no homestuck

  9. I don't understand why Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic can't be shown here.

  10. Brawl In The Family Only An Honorable Mention?Its By far More Creative Than The Ones On This List

  11. 8 Bit Theater at number 2, WOOT!
    Brawl in the Family only an Honorable Mention, AW COME ON!

  12. Let me tell you about HOMESTUCK

  13. what about the gamer? does that count?

  14. Jeez I remember 8-Bit Theater from way back in the day from albinoblacksheep.

    Also, woah no Homestuck mention.

    Also L O S S

  15. So I guess neither Homestuck nor Brawl in the Family exist?

  16. I can't believe CAD made it on the top 5, and Homestuck didn't even get an honorable mention

  17. WTF?! HOW DID THEY FORGET HOMESTUCK AND THE PREQUEL?! This top 10 needs a sequence: Another top 10 video-game webcomics.

  18. srsly bitf as a runner up

  19. where the fuck is homestuck

  20. VG Cats and Awkward Zombie!!!!! AHHHH!!!!

  21. Nerf Now. This comic started as a lampoon of Team Fortress 2, but expanded to a strip that parodied video games in general. They actually made zergs cute. (That's right, the strip managed to make the zergs from StarCraft cute.) Read it sometime, it can be a lot of laughs.


  23. Dorkly originals?


  25. WTF NO HOMESTUCK >:( and it was number 1 oh my god watch mojo why do you always get things wrong >:(((((((((((

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