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Marvel vs Dc, Dc vs Marvel… Does it really matter when there are so many new comics this week and the next ? Nope. We put together this list to help and explain the new comic books this week that matter to us. “Our Top 10 Key Comics of the week”. This is a collection of the best stories, covers and maybe some comics to invest in. It doesn’t matter if these comic books are for beginners or the seasoned collector. There are some great comics for everyone.
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39 Bình luận

  1. This was the best video to date!

  2. OMG Buller got sentimental with Road House HAHAHA

  3. Bueller you are like the greatest youtuber of all time keep up the good work

  4. Haha! If I get an extra Suicide Jockeys cover B it's all yours Broski!

  5. Great video…like your energy, just became a fan and I'm definitely with you on the Roadhouse cover… don't know about jockeys don't care just got to have that cover

  6. Yessss ROADHOUSE is the best!!!

  7. Glad to have this video back. Your enthusiasm is Amazing! Bueller!

  8. Listing to you…reminds me of the Comic book..TOO MUCH COFFEE MAN!!!!!!!! Love what you do 🕶️🕶️

  9. Man, I love Road House. I can't blame you for trying to get the Homage variant cover. Great video, Bueller.

  10. Great stuff Bueller! I'm glad to see you having fun, it made my night…..lol

  11. Noone talking about avengers annual 🤔

  12. That last cover is sick Roadhouse love that movie

  13. Alright Top 10 luv it

  14. Good to see you doing this👍

  15. 78 what a beautiful year‼️

  16. Tha Ice Cream Man Melted Clock Artist Variant Iz $40.00 or More.. Just Sayin .. *

  17. The 1978 Superman was the first movie I asked to go to see in the theater. I had the lunchbox when I went to Kindergarten.

  18. Can't wait for King Spawn…I need a huge BANG in my life!!!!!!😁

  19. Thumbnail got me

  20. Great video as always! New comics on the shelves, Scott Snyder gets the prime real estate with Nocterra!!! Is it a clue for your next interview?

  21. Great to see this show again thanks Bueller

  22. Damn some good covers this week…

  23. Bueller don't like sad lol. It made you feel didn't it!? Dang. I can't believe I haven't been collecting Ice Cream Man.

  24. Road House cover looks awesome

  25. Its Bueller on camera and jacked up on coffee 0_o!! Thanks for the picks!

  26. Happy to see the top 10 again I was wondering why there weren’t any in awhile

  27. OMG that Roadhouse cover is awesome! I love that movie.

  28. Your pause after saying “a good bang” was priceless!

  29. Great stuff Bueller! I have a variety of those King Spawn #1s on order from your LCS! 👍🏾😁

  30. Thanks again for doing these videos! Helpful content for collectors.

  31. LOL. Yeah you were jacked up on coffee alright. Can't wait til my Spiderman: Life Story & King Spawn comes in from preorder.

  32. Superman '78 definitely be checking that out.

  33. Happy the top 10 is back! Some really good pics this week. Roadhouse!

  34. Winter Guard looks interesting 🤔

  35. WOW!! Someone had a fun time making this video!!Awesome!!

  36. I can't wait for King Spawn!

  37. Awesome books

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