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Marvel vs Dc, Dc vs Marvel… Does it really matter when there are so many new comics this week and the next ? Nope. We put together this list to help and explain the new comic books this week that matter to us. “Our Top 10 Key Comics of the week”. This is a collection of the best stories, covers and maybe some comics to invest in. It doesn’t matter if these comic books are for beginners or the seasoned collector. There are some great comics for everyone.
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  1. I have 35 on my pull list, so pretty much everything. 12 venom variants along with the cover A

  2. 288 – looking forward to finally reading Venom. Like the one shot idea from Heroes Reborn. Want to read the Legends Batman & BRZRKR ‼️‼️‼️

  3. Hey, I just heard about the 20k subscribers! Well done, Bueller! You massively deserve it, as you're one of the hardest-working comics pundits on YouTube, and your channel's one of the two or three that I ALWAYS look forward to watching!!!

  4. Welcome to the 20,000 club. Keep up the good work.

  5. Congrats on hitting 20k, well deserved for excellent output on your channel. Keep it going.

  6. Travis, Congrats on 20,000! Well deserved and one love from Chicago.

  7. Legends of the Dark knights has the classic cover art.

  8. Static was freaking awesome as a kid I fell in love with the kidWB STATIC SHOCK show And static was the first book I bought in a CGC 9.8 the moment I saw it

    The new book was actually a blast from the past for me so happy to see the old gang and the new twist on the story

    Also did anyone check out
    “man goat and bunny man” issue 2

  9. Some of these comics are getting too demonic. This stuff is real and I don't want the imagery even in my house.

  10. I'm definitely excited about Venom 200 but not is that a heavy price tag on 1 issue. Is it a thicker than normal book?

  11. Great picks! Congrats on 20k!

  12. There he is, all jacked up on coffee and reviewing books! Keep up the great work!

  13. Backstory slows down the slaughtering in Brzrkr – sort of like when John Wick stops to talk to Winston.

  14. Great show as always

  15. Bueller! You got me yelling, "I'm all jacked up on coffee!" during my lunch break. LOL

    I love your show so much! Thanks for always giving me the knowledge I need before I go to the shop. I sincerely appreciate it.
    If you can't pronounce the names, you should consider writing their name out with the image, so that they they get the same level of recognition you give the other artist.

  16. I think you need to hold a contest to help with your catchphrase "I'm all Jacked up on coffee, …" Maybe "…let's talk comics!" or "…and I'm ready roll!" Just spit-ballin' here. Or maybe come up with a new one each week! What the hell do I know? I'm all jacked up on coffee and the splash page is vibrating! Nope. that's not it. Ah well. Moving on!

  17. I recently picked up Silver Coin 1 & 2. Didn't get a chance to read them yet. Looking forward to it now.

  18. Nice backdrop. I bet that is going to the con with you and Bob

  19. Hope to see ya this weekend, sir!

  20. And that's all you need!

  21. Dank,dark and drippy. Sounds like someone's last Saturday night.. 😂😂😂😂

  22. Really looking forward to Jupiter’s Legacy Requiem. The show felt like it was ended a bit to soon but it got me interested in the books which have been awesome!

  23. Excited you are giving Radiant Black another go. It's the first series I hopped on at #1 since I came back to comics and I've loved it. Really like Kyle Higgins and wish I could make the trip

  24. Love the banner!

  25. Like 21….enjoy the con

  26. Congrats on 20k. Got those SiKtC auctiin books in. Will DM you. Also, where are the cat shirts? Venom 35!

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