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Marvel vs Dc, Dc vs Marvel… Does it really matter when there are so many new comics this week and the next ? Nope. We put together this list to help and explain the new comic books this week that matter to us. “Our Top 10 Key Comics of the week”. This is a collection of the best stories, covers and maybe some comics to invest in. It doesn’t matter if these comic books are for beginners or the seasoned collector. There are some great comics for everyone.
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48 Bình luận

  1. Slow down buddy. Too much coffee. 🙂

  2. Hafa adai(Guam aloha) Travis! Another Great Top 10 Comics for NCBD brother! Mahalo! Enjoy The Chase! IslandJ

  3. The hole has never been honest to anyone! lol my god that was funny

  4. “It’s hard to find the hole.”

  5. What kinda idiot would give you a thumbs down?🤔 Rock on brother 👊😎

  6. The Illusion Witch Book One & Two, via @Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/theagencysixcomic/the-illusion-witch-book-one-and-two?ref=android_project_share

  7. WEB of Spider-man coincides with the Avengers Campus opening I believe….

  8. Loose. The cat shirt and put on the bunnie mask

  9. Sorry cats suck and dogs rule

  10. VHS…Video Home System

  11. The cat shirt needs to become a staple right up there with the vest and hat.

  12. 195 – looking forward to Joker, Geiger & to try Bunny Mask as I end reading Maniac in NY. Will try and keep open mind for the Cherry Blackbird ⁉️. Still needing to read Eve #1.

  13. Bueller, you had me cracking up..”sometimes you can’t find the hole..”. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. Good picks! I'm looking forward to Geiger, strange academy & I hope bunny mask is decent. Eve & the hole book I may grab this week also. Cant wait to see what's in the box of heroes!

  15. Lmao! I would like to be the first to come out with a glow in the dark condom if it's not already out there. Then you'll never have problem finding the holes! Uggh gross! Glow in the Dark by Gieger. Gaureenteed Meow goodness!

  16. Your the best man, thanks for all your work.

  17. Looks good! Web of Spider-Man sounds exactly like what my girls want! I’m excited

  18. My daughter and I love squirrel girl.

  19. Alot of times it hard to find the hole 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. Just picked up my books today can't wait to sit down and read

  21. Thanks for selecting Freak Snow! you made me laugh man. You made the greatest pitch ever for our book!

  22. Thanks for the review once again, Bueller. A relatively ho-hum week IMHO. Except for Geiger, which has been really fun so far. I have an idea for a show topic for you and Bob: My LCBS is going to be having a back issue sale in July. I was wondering if you could hop in the way-back machine for the last 2 or 3 years, which titles/issues should I be looking for. I have a pull list going now, but didn't have one back then, so what did I miss that I should hunt for? Any holy grails that might be in them long boxes?

  23. Thanks for taking the time and effort to get this out to us, Sir! We appreciate you. I especially liked your description of “Eve”. I played it the second time with my eyes closed and it was like listening to the coolest Dude in the world, The Big Lebowsi, narrarating the plot lol. So awesome. We appreciate you as always Sir!

  24. So many holes..

  25. “The hole will always lie to you” 😂🤣 Sadly, I have some experience in that department LOL 😂

  26. I'm most excited for Eve #2 and Bunny Mask out of this top 10.

  27. Haven't seen the dinosaur either, maybe he's on set at the latest Jurassic Park movie

  28. VHS = Video something, something……

  29. The hole………lol the hole

  30. I got my joker 4 and I’m super hype for gieger 3

    Also picked up Batman urban legends 4 that realistic cover c is too fire


  32. I need to start reading the Joker, look like a good read.

  33. "Kitty cat t-shirt. Bye "

  34. Gonna be a big week. Tomorrow going for bunny mask and night Gwen and Gieger and white. #Evilscomics

  35. James "Tiny Onion" 🤣🤣🤣💯

  36. Always looking for the "hole searching event" now I know where to find it!

  37. VHS = video home system

  38. Well now I definitely need to read Freak Snow and learn about all of this hole business.

  39. That shirt haha

  40. That was a whole lot of holes. Great content Bueller. Have a great Tuesday.

  41. I'm All jack up on coffee yet again

  42. Great picks as always, my friend! You put some books on my radar that I wasn’t aware of. I’m really looking forward to Geiger, Karmen, Black Hammer, Proctor Valley Road, and the return of Oblivion Song 🤘🏽

  43. Pulled this up after four minutes and was the 12th like and 4th comment. Crazy. Joker series has been fun. Wondering how new Venom will be. Has been a favorite of mine

  44. I received my giveaway books today! Thanks Bueller


  46. I'm fairly new to comics and decided to start reading a new series, I'm currently reading flash and the joker, I was thinking maybe batman or nightwing, if anyone has any suggestions please tell me. thanks

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